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The Cabinthis story is part of the FanClub (fm:romantic, 2271 words)

Author: Mystique Picture in profile
Added: Dec 03 2002Views / Reads: 1501 / 910 [61%]Story vote: 9.50 (4 votes)
A woman's car breaks down.. what can happen when you are snowed in with a stranger...

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Mystique sang along with the car radio.. trying to pretend that the snow was not falling as heavy as it was.. Oh Why tonight of all nights must it snow this much, she asked herself... She turned the radio up.. telling herself it would be ok and she would make it home.. only 45 minutes away.. she can do it.. just then a red light on the dashboard pulled her eyes to it.. as her car slowly came to a hault.. check engine light again.. she had been meaning to get that looked at for weeks now.. just never had the time or money.. oh great.. she sat for a few moments and tried to restart the car with no luck.. She looked around her.. great here I am in the middle of nowhere.. in a blizzard and my car dies... Mystique got out of the car and looked around her.. in the distance she saw what seemed to be a cabin.. She grabbed her overnight bag, locked up her car.. and started towards it.. at least she would be able to call a tow truck from there...She walked for what seemed like hours... her path being covered by new snow.. She was so cold.. and it felt as if her legs had fallen off... she arrived at the cabin door and knocked as hard as she could.. but she could not feel her hand touch the wood... A man opened the door and she fell into his arms.. She awoke to someone applying a wash cloth to her face.. she looked up into the gentlest eyes... She wanted to ask where she was and who this person was.. but she could not speak... He put his finger to her lips and told her not to speak.. that his name was Matt and this was his cabin... he figured that her car broke down.. and she walked from the road which was a good 2 miles.. he told her to rest.. and her eyelids fluttered down and she was soon fast asleep again... She awoke ...

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