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A weekend in the city with the mother of a friend.this story is part of the FanClub (fm:older women/men, 6874 words) [1/3] show all parts

Author: Music is nice
Added: Dec 27 2002Views / Reads: 18218 / 14997 [82%]Part vote: 8.64 (14 votes)
My best friend Jim's mother invites me away for the weekend. What happened far surpassed any expectations that I had. Not really a continuation of "Jim's Mother" but being familiar with it will help.

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I'd spent three days trying to figure out what damn courses to take in my first year of University. All of the courses that I wanted to take seemed to conflict with one another - I felt like I was getting nowhere. As I sat at the table flipping through the timetable for the 1000th time I heard the phone ring - I was quite glad to have an excuse to tear myself away from University matters. As I bounded over to the phone I noted that the call display said that it was Jim's number. I hadn't talked to him in a couple of days - he'd been busy at work ever since I quit over some silly dispute with a manager.

"Hey Jim, what's up?" I said, picking up the phone.

"This isn't Bert, Jim." Said a sultry voice on the other end. It was Sheri, Jim's mother. Holy shit! I hadn't talked to her since our afternoon together - she'd gone away for two weeks for some cosmetics convention in the U.S.A... apparently she was back.

"H- Hi... uh, how are you?" I stammered - quite nervous.

"I'm great Bert - I'm calling to ask you a question. Do you have anything planned for this weekend? I don't, and, quite frankly, I know what I want to do... well, who. I've told Jim that I'm going away for the weekend on a business trip - I've got an ultra fancy hotel suite in the city - working for a huge company is great... business expense. Anyways... I was thinking that you could tell your parents ...

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