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A Birthday to Rememberthis story is part of the FanClub (fm:seduction, 2804 words)

Author: mysty
Added: Apr 25 2004Views / Reads: 8605 / 6623 [77%]Story vote: 9.60 (5 votes)
She has plans for Him for His birthday...including what happens when they first wake up...

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A Birthday to Remember

Opening her eyes, she smiled to herself remembering instantly, what today was.She rolled over onto her side, and smiled seeing Him laying there, sleeping peacefully. The early morning sun just barely peeking over the horizon it's light just enough for her to gaze upon his sleeping form. His breathing slow and steady beside her, she reached out a slender hand and brushed back a lock of hair from his forehead, wanting to admire and gaze this man that held her heart in his palm.

Laying flat on His back, one arm flung above His head, her gaze wandered lower, the smooth expanse of His broad chest, the light sprinkling of hair that begin around his belly button and ran in a straight line to below the sheet that was riding low on his hips. Gasping with delight and surprise she noticed that the fabric was tented slightly. Lifting her eyes to watch Him, she slowly, carefully tugged on the sheet, pulling it lower and lower until His cock was exposed to her view.

She wondered at His dreams and thoughts as He slept, as she lifted her eyes to His face. Such a handsome face, at least to her. His hair was long, the curling tips barely brushing His shoulders, she brushed back an errant curl from His face, watching as He brushed a long hand at the faint touch. The gray eyes that were hidden now from her view, that showed all of His emotions, turning stormy and dark when angry or filled with passion, and the brightness of them when he was happy and ...

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