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The Weekend Guestthis story is part of the FanClub (fm:seduction, 32665 words)

Author: Rhino
Added: May 29 2004Views / Reads: 20769 / 19772 [95%]Story vote: 9.55 (22 votes)
A really long story that took on a life of its own. Lots of hot sex when you get into it. Baseball fans will like the last part.

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The Weekend Guest

Ed Harrison wasn't sure how things got out of control. He just knew that trouble was brewing. When his wife, Sara, got off the phone, she announced that their niece, Kimberly Adams would be coming to town to spend the weekend with them.

"Fine," Ed said grumpily. "Which weekend will she be here?" He thought that he would make plans to be elsewhere, like on the golf course.

"This weekend, dear," Sara replied. She'll be here tomorrow evening.

"Why is she coming?" Ed almost whined. "It's been, what, three years? I'm not in the mood to baby-sit a high-schooler."

"She just graduated last month," Sara said. "And yes, it has been just over three years since we've seen her."

"Why'd she wanta come now?" Ed groaned.

"She's trying out her independence, dear. Remember when you were a teen-ager, just graduated from high school? Besides, she won't stay long - just the weekend. She's got a job back home and she's trying to save money so she can go to college this fall."


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