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Theatre Lifethis story is part of the FanClub (ff:one-on-one, 4615 words)

Author: Mood Dragon
Added: Jul 23 2004Views / Reads: 2505 / 2107 [84%]Story vote: 9.50 (2 votes)
Life and love in a theatre touring company is anything but easy.

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Working on a theatre touring company had always been one of my biggest dreams. Like so many theatre people, I had started out as an actor, but after years of college and experience in all of the different aspects, I realized that it was technical work that I really loved. I am the technical director and am responsible for overseeing the setting up, breaking down, and transport of the sets used for the show, not to mention keeping up with all the other aspects of the show such as the lights, the sound, etc. It was a hard job that required long hours before and after every show, not to mention being on hand to see that no problems occur during the production. Aside from that, touring usually meant long hours on the road and a few nights a week at some hotel in whatever city we happened to be plying in that run. Sure its fun to travel, its part of the reason I wanted to do this type of work, but I have to mention, sex, well that is practally non-existant. Its not so hard for the guys (no pun intended) since the percentage of gay men, especially in musical theatre, is fairly high, but with women the number is a lot less. The few guys in the crew might get lucky with a horny actress who is need of a quicky, but relationships, ha! Do you have an idea how high maintenance those actresses are? Of course, they aren't all bad, its just hard for any of us to keep our professionalism while dating, besides, all those years of acting taught me what it takes to keep focus. Suffice it to say, many of my nights are spent masterbating. Thanks goodness I usually get my own room.

Before heading into North Carolina for the last six weeks of the tour, ...

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