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Steam Showerthis story is part of the FanClub (fm:masturbation, 1234 words)

Author: Megan Towner
Added: May 11 2006Views / Reads: 1364 / 827 [61%]Story vote: 9.70 (10 votes)
A young girl lets her imagination run wild while she showers.

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She pressed "start" on the steam dial as the hot water rinsed conditioner from her hair. The warmth relaxed her muscles anyway, but she massaged her neck and shoulder with one hand to release the extra stress. With graduation so soon, Amanda's hectic schedule was winding down, but that didn't mean she was worry free - even at 18, she didn't feel ready to go to college, and the impending departure date had begun to make her quietly frantic.

She had wandered around her future college campus a little, and couldn't shake the feeling that she was too young to be there. At 5'3", she got the distinct impression that every single female student was at least five inches taller. And the guys there were in a whole other league—they had beards, barrel chests, and looked more powerful than any boy in her entire high school.

Flipping her hair over, Amanda rinsed out the last of the conditioner. Just when she had stood back up, the steam started to hiss out of the nozzle near the tiled shower floor. She turned the knob of the regular shower slowly, enjoying the last, piping hot water that ran down her body. Letting out a deliberate, yogic sigh, she sat down.

The tile was cold at first, so she sat on her hands, but the steam warmed it up quickly. She eased her back against the wall and looked at her body. Her thin, tanned legs hadn't seemed to change since she was in 8th grade, even though the rest of her body had. She pulled her ...

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