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The Drivethis story is part of the FanClub (fm:oral sex, 468 words)

Author: Missy Kay Picture in profile
Added: Oct 31 2006Views / Reads: 1752 / 4 [0%]Story vote: 9.00 (3 votes)
A short drive in the country turns interesting....

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As we drive down the road in the sunshine, I smile over at you and place my hand on your bare, well-muscled thigh. As my hand inched up under the leg of your shorts, I whisper in your ear that I'm not wearing any underwear my sundress. You pull off the road and park under a tree. You reach across to me, as I make a slight swaying motion toward you with my eyes closed. When I open my eyes again, you're much closer. You have moved to the center of the bench seat and your eyes are busy scanning my face. Your hand slides up my throat and curled around the back of my neck. Spontaneous combustion consumes us as our lips meet. We kiss madly. Your hands smooth down my chest, over the halter-top of my dress, then up again to knead my breast through the material. I caress you hair, your cheek, the back of you neck, and your shoulders, then I draw you against me as I fall back into the seat. You undo my straps to my dress and let them drop to my side, the sunshine warm on my chest. You bend your head and kiss them. You tongue and flick them roughly, hungrily, lustfully take the centers in your hot mouth. I moan as sensation swirls from my breast throughout my body. "God, I want you." As I free you from your shorts and my fingers encircle the length of your cock. I caress the velvety tip with the ball of my thumb, as you kiss one breast then the other. Your hand slips down beneath my skirt, as our lips meet in a frantic passion-driven kiss. While we look for a workable position with in the confines of the front seat. Suddenly you sit up and I climb onto your lap. Holding my bottom between your hands you position me above your erection, as I impale myself. We meet in a carnal kiss, our tongues rampant and quick. You squeeze the taut flesh ...

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