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Velma's Got it Cummingthis story is part of the FanClub (fm:humour/parody, 2464 words)

Author: Magdelyn Picture in profile
Added: Apr 12 2007Views / Reads: 503 / 399 [79%]Story vote: 9.89 (9 votes)
Daphne is tired of Velma getting off thinking about her man. She decides to take revenge. (parody, femdom, reluctant)

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If she hadn't been so drunk, Daphne would never have acted out the evil plan that had been bouncing round her head for the last several weeks. Of course, Freddie hadn't helped, either; he was just as drunk as she was, and after spending all night making her horny, he had fucked her quickly in the Mystery Machine and passed right out. She could still feel his cum squelching between her legs as she walked back to her room. She would clean up when she got home, but for the moment it was just a reminder of how badly she still needed some satisfaction.

Still, everything probably would have been ok, if it hadn't been Sunday night. Because on Sunday night Velma—dear old, ever dependable, never changing Velma—got herself off. Every Sunday night at midnight, regular as clockwork. Just about exactly the time Daphne was returning home, as it happened.

She let herself into her apartment as quietly as she could in her drunken state. It didn't matter, though. Velma was clearly "engaged" in her room. Daphne could hear her grunting and softly moaning. She could tell from the sounds Velma was still in the early stages. Quietly, Daph cracked open the door and peeped in.

Velma, it must be said, had an unusual way of masturbating. Daph had snuck glimpses of her often enough in the past to know exactly how she worked it. First, she would meticulously remove and fold her orange turtleneck and skirt. Then she would take off her stockings, bra, and ...

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