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Author: Jake Marlow
Added: Oct 28 2008Views / Reads: 2428 / 2181 [90%]Story vote: 9.09 (22 votes)
Cassie has a great idea for a Halloween costume, a blank outfit on which her friends can doodle and create their artwork, turning her into a human canvas. Unfortunately she did not quite anticipate how much all of that touching was going to turn her on. L

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"Have you decided what you're going to be yet?" Cassie asked. She still picked at her salad with the plastic fork, but mostly she was finished with it and just pushing the dregs around the tortilla bowl, which she'd chipped a couple bites from. It was a Saturday morning in early October and they'd stopped for a bite at a little café after hitting the gym. Ellen had only been joining her at the gym for a couple months, but she was proud her friend was sticking with it, even if she thought Ellen was protesting too much. Most women Cassie knew would kill to have a curvy body like Ellen's, especially the way her breasts swelled to d-cups after the baby! Cassie, just a large b-cup herself, was certainly jealous. Still, ever since her baby was born last spring Ellen complained that her body wasn't bouncing back the way she hoped.

"Yeah, I figured it out a couple months ago. I'm going to be June Cleaver. I've got the heels, of course, and pearls. I just need to find a good fifties style dress. Feel like hitting some vintage stores?" Ellen said.

"Sure. We'll find something appropriate. You should carry around a tray of cookies."

"I thought of the cookie sheet, but I think I'm going to carry Jell-O shots on it instead."

"You're sure to be the hit of the party then!" ...

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