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sweeties firstthis story is part of the FanClub (fm:first time, 1393 words)

Author: mysteriesihold
Added: May 04 2009Views / Reads: 1427 / 1062 [74%]Story vote: 7.60 (5 votes)
the story of sweeties first time

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pulling into her driveway sweetie sees her brother and his best friend David leaving the house. as she climbs out she shyly says hi to david. She always had a huge crush on him and got really nervous around him. "hey sweetie, were going to the beach, you wanna go?" her brother asks. "no i have a lot of studying to do" the truth was that she was nervous going somewhere with david.. she didnt know what to say around him. much less being in a bathing suit in front of him.

After they left sweetie went upsatirs to find her vibrator. her parents were on vacation in hawaii so she had the place to her self.she had gotten it as a gag gift from a friend for her birthday last year. They all made fun of her since she was a virgin, so they figured she needed it.

sweetie laid on her back and pulled up her skirt and pushed her underwear aside. She thought about david as it vibrated against her clit, about how she could see the outline of his cock in his shorts, about how it must feel inside of her.. she felt her face starting to burn and she knew she was getting ready to cum so she spread her legs wider. she came so hard she had yell out. her clit got so sensitive she practically had to rip the vibrator of of her.

After she calmed down she decided to start studying for her mid terms. The boys came back to the house that night. when they walked in she could tell they have been drinking.. they went up stairs to take a ...

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