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My Neighbor's Lucky Day..Chapter 1this story is part of the FanClub (fm:slut wife, 3421 words)

Author: Mysticbonds Picture in profile
Added: Sep 09 2009Views / Reads: 4691 / 4088 [87%]Story vote: 9.42 (19 votes)
A reserved wife is groomed for her first "other man" experience by her husband. The stage is set for the younger neighbor stud to give her a massage (Part 1)

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Neighbor Gets Lucky An original story by MysticBonds

While my wife has lead a relatively sheltered life, sexually speaking; she's well aware of the wide variety of adventures I've had prior to meeting her. Perhaps that was one of the qualities that drew her to me especially given the fact that I'm fifteen years older than she.

We met and within a couple months she was pregnant. We had our first son and within a few months she was pregnant again. This would lead someone to believe that we had a very sexual relationship but that was hardly the case. It wasn't a relationship based upon sex, it was based on procreation.

It's been over five years now, the kids are in pre-school during the day and we've settled into a nice little daily routine...predictable and unexciting, even by my wife's standards. I guess that's one of the reason's she started dressing a little more provocatively. Perhaps provocative is too strong of a word, she never dressed slutty by any measure; it was more a matter of little changes that were significant only if you knew her.

She gradually started wearing more V-neck tops, frequently without a bra. She had a different pair of jeans for each day of the week. That's all you would ever see her wearing, then slowly I started seeing an occasional skirt. At first they were fairly loose and long as skirts ...

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