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Hot Night With My Son's Friend Alexthis story is part of the FanClub (fm:audio stories, 1441 words)

Author: Elaine Shuel Picture in profile
Added: Nov 10 2010Views / Reads: 6666 / 3802 [57%]Story vote: 9.41 (27 votes)
A 47-year-old horny woman sees the grown up Alex, her son's black boyhood friend who used to stay over at their home. Lust takes over and it makes for a steamy night of hot sex.

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My son used to bring Alex over to our house when he was younger. Even at 14 years old, his toothy grin and cheerful disposition made everyone around him feel good. We passed each other in the hall during his sleepovers at our house and when I made breakfast for all the kids the next morning, I used to wink at him when he smiled at me. As the years passed, I saw less of Alex. My son made friends with other kids in the new neighbourhood after we moved to a nearby town.

After my divorce, I had dated quite a few guys but I found that none my age could fully satisfy my unyielding unquenchable lust. I was 47-years-old, a redhead with 40DD tits and a nice round ass that men loved to fuck. The problem was they came during our encounters and fell asleep. I was ready to go at it again and instead had to settle for hearing them snore for hours on end afterwards. I thought about having a gangbang but though I hungered for more men, I wasn't yet ready to make such a leap. ...

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