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One Nightthis story is part of the FanClub (fm:seduction, 2392 words)

Author: mysteriesihold
Added: Nov 24 2010Views / Reads: 1667 / 1107 [66%]Story vote: 8.25 (4 votes)
Ive been fantasizing about this night for a long time.

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Fuck, I love when she looks at me like that. I know I'm not crazy when she fucks me with her eyes. I almost cum on the spot every time she does it. We used to talk every once it awhile and I flirted but I could tell she was just being friendly. She has no idea how beautiful she is. She's charming and funny and has the sexiest smile. She was also very caring. When I started working here, I understood immediately why everyone was so in love with her. The men and women in the office. Unfortunately, she's happily married. I kind of made things awkward between us early in the relationship. I went to her desk to ask her a question I already knew the answer to as I started my question I took the opportunity to study her face. the shape of her mouth, her eyes, suddenly her face broke into that smile that makes me go into convulsions. I was in the middle of one of these fits when I realized she was laughing. Apparently I got so involved with her that I had stopped talking in mid sentence and was just staring at her. I laughed it off and went back to my desk mumbling some pathetic excuse about forgetting what the question was. She was still friendly and acted like nothing happened, bless her. For awhile... She was transferring a call to my desk one day and I when I answered she said my name. This was the first time I had spoken with her over the phone and had no idea her voice was sexier this way. Being the stud I am I told she sounded like a porn star, which she laughed at. It turned into a joke between us where shed say my name is that sexy voice and id say one back. I knew some of the guys in the office were jealous she would play such a game with me. Soon, Id notice a look in her eyes when she says it. Shes ...

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