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The Quickie-martthis story is part of the FanClub (fm:one-on-one, 728 words)

Author: morethanfriends
Added: Nov 03 2011Views / Reads: 789 / 7 [1%]Story vote: 8.00 (1 vote)
Alexis consoles Alfie in the back of his store. [An excerpt from a story I wrote a while ago]

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He looked over at her and their eyes met. Her hand met his face and their eyes locked. Leaning over she kissed him. Their lips met and Alexis felt one of Alfie's tears hit her face. She tasted the saltiness of it on her tongue. Kissing away his tears Alexis sat on his leg, kissing his eyes, his cheeks, his nose. Her lips formed a path down his neck. Alfie groaned in rejection, but Alexis wanted this just as bad he obviously did. She pulled away to gaze at him. Some of her hair had fallen loose of her ponytail and he picked it up to curl it tenderly around her ear.

Cupping her face with his hand she reached for his shirt buttons. Undoing them one by one, she felt his hand caress her face, her neck then felt him lean in to kiss her again. Passionately, they explored each other's mouths, Alfie's hands now running over her back, her butt. They were at the back of the store, so no one could have seen them but hardly anyone came in at this time of day. Alexis ran her hands over his chest, his skin warm to touch. In the air-conditioning Alexis started to feel warm and shrugged her cardigan onto the ground. Alfie ran his hands over the newly exposed flesh, his shirt now on the ground. He reached for her shoulders, rubbing them in affection. His hands wandered to reach her breasts. Cupping and massaging them, he admired the way they felt.

She reached down to his pants. The bulge in them revealed his excitement for her and she pushed gently against it, thrilled at the little moan ...

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