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Bus Stopthis story is part of the FanClub (fm:asian/oriental, 2300 words)

Author: Discovering_Angel Picture in profile
Added: May 10 2012Views / Reads: 4107 / 3023 [74%]Story vote: 9.43 (28 votes)
Riding the Bus in Seoul can sometimes get very interesting.

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Bus Stop

Riding the Bus in Seoul can sometimes get very interesting.

I boarded the bus around 9 pm on my way back to my little apartment in Yeokchon-dong. Each time the bus stopped more passengers got on and few got off. The bus was reaching full capacity now as the working masses headed home after having dinner and soju with colleagues at the local restaurants. I had chosen a spot near the back, as I was one of the first to get on, and was crammed into the corner on the side with no seats, gripping my hand strap in a vain effort to stay on my feet.

The person behind me had been standing quietly, and I had not fully realized it was a man until the bus lurched forward and I stumbled backward into his hard, muscled chest. It was like a moment suspended in time as I heard him suck in his breath. I felt a surge of electricity ignite the blood rushing through my body and I squeezed my eyes closed waiting for that shock wave to pass me by. The other passengers in front of me had shifted as well, and I was unable to move away from him. I tensed every muscle and kept my eyes closed tightly, waiting for the next stop, and hopefully some breathing room. I realized I had lost my grip on the hand strap. The only thing holding me on my feet was the close proximity of his body and his hand loosely holding my upper arm, helping me remain steady, keeping me from stumbling against him each time the bus hit a bump in the road. ...

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