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No Regrets VIIIthis story is part of the FanClub (mm:romantic, 7805 words) [8/8] show all parts

Author: nemo
Added: May 02 2014Views / Reads: 1127 / 124 [11%]Part vote: 8.75 (4 votes)
Deacon avoids the issue and Mark breaks things off with Marie.

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I know it's been a long time. Ridiculously long. I've had nasty writer's block and extreme indecision about how to get these two to where I want them to be. This chapter is going to be very unsatisfying for you all I think, but I swear to God this story is not finished and part 9 is so close I can nearly taste it.

Thanks to everyone who sent encouraging and mildly threatening feedback, it's what got me going again.


No Regrets VIII by nemo

Mark sat at the lip of the deck built onto the side of his parent's house, his feet dangling over the edge. It was starting to get colder in the evenings and the leaves of some of the trees in the gully below were starting to turn orange. He heard his cell phone chime from inside the house, a text message alert. It would be Marie again. It had been two days since he'd seen her, he'd have to put in some face time soon or she'd think something was wrong. Mark sighed and closed his eyes. Suddenly he smelt the faint scent of freesias, and a warm hand squeezed his shoulder then trailed across his back.

"Hi Mom," Mark said, tilting his head up to look at his mother. She was small and slender, with fair skin and long, thick brown hair. She had a ...

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