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Truth... Or Darethis story is part of the FanClub (mm:first time, 9178 words)

Author: Onswa
Added: Sep 03 2014Views / Reads: 3377 / 1316 [39%]Story vote: 9.75 (8 votes)
My friend and I recreate our favorite childhood game. As adults.

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We were all pretty drunk and Rob was telling Tom and me one of his many female conquest stories. I never knew how true they were, but Rob could always tell them.

"We were out on the deck of the bar and it was dark in our corner. She was stroking my cock and eventually pulled it out underneath the table. I kept looking around to be sure no one was there. Finally, I just grabbed her by the back of the head and made her give me a blowjob right there."

"Completely? You finished it?" Tom asked.

"Yeah," Rob boasted.

"Well, you always were aggressive," I said. Rob kind of looked at me funny for a second, then made some other joke.

We all had another beer and then Tom said that he was calling it a night. He went back to his apartment next door.

As soon as the door closed, Rob asked me a bit inquisitively: "What did you mean by that?"

"Huh?" I asked, although I suspected I knew what he was talking about.


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