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On a Missionthis story is part of the FanClub (mm:first time, 3419 words)

Author: Larry Malone
Added: Dec 02 2014Views / Reads: 4831 / 1754 [36%]Story vote: 8.94 (16 votes)
A young missionary learns to embrace and enjoy a new culture

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On a Mission

by Larry Malone

It was my first missionary assignment ever and to a third world country at that, where a new tribe had been discovered a few years ago. Our church had established a mission there a shortly there after but then tribal civil war broke out and we were forced to abandoned everything. Recently, politically, everything had settled down and we were invited back. This was our first return trip.

The church Elder who was accompanying me was stopped at the boarding gate at the airport on a passport technicality. He told me to go on ahead, reopen the Mission and rather than try preaching unsupervised, to instead work on the dual language English/tribal dictionary until he got there, which he said should only be a day or two. He said one of the tribesman, Jeremiah, was scheduled to meet us and he would take care of everything once I got there, and I was to trust him with everything. The Elder reminded me that we had to understand that we had to accept and embrace their culture and customs before they would listen to what we offered in our teachings.

When I arrived in the Mission country's nearest airport, I was met by “Jeremiah,” one of our first converts, a lanky six foot young man in native dress who accompanied me in silence through customs, then on a ...

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