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The Co-Workerthis story is part of the FanClub (fm:sex at work, 7022 words)

Author: Dallas Wonderland Picture in profile
Added: Dec 24 2014Views / Reads: 10025 / 7936 [79%]Story vote: 9.80 (71 votes)
Down at the office, all the boys notice Betty...

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Betty was professional, intelligent, a good manager, and all around great at her job. Everyone at the office respected her work ethic and her ability to get things done. She was seen as a rising star in the company.

But none of that stopped them from nicknaming her Betty Big Titties.

An office isn't that different from a locker room. Nobody said it to her face, but it was the nickname that men gave her behind her back. It was appropriate. She was about 5'6" with long dark hair, sexy hazel eyes, and a rack that made sweaters and low cut tops look profane.

It didn't matter how good she was at her job or that she always came off as a bit innocent. Men were inclined to make lewd comments behind her back. Even executives occasionally mumbled a comment beneath their breath when she strolled by in heels and a tailored dress or blouse that showed off her amazing body.

As far as I knew, nobody got farther than making comments. Plenty of men had discretely tried to ask her out. Some were even indiscreet. But she politely rejected them all. She did her best not to hurt their feelings, but that didn't stop some guys from calling her prude. They also made more lewd comments about her. I supposed it helped them get past their hurt feelings.


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