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Anthony ("Never call me, Tony")this story is part of the FanClub (mm:first time, 2555 words)

Author: Larry Malone
Added: Jun 12 2015Views / Reads: 4780 / 1635 [34%]Story vote: 9.58 (12 votes)
Becoming an accepted "gang" member takes some hard work

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ANTHONY (“Never call me Tony”)

by Larry Malone

Right after high school, and before I found career employment, I lived in an “old world” Brooklyn neighborhood in a relative's rented room. I started hanging out with the local guys in an empty storefront they “fixed up” and called a “Social Club.” I was the new guy on the block, and although I was eventually accepted into the group and the club, I wasn't fully accepted to all the members and never was very close to any of them as the others were to each other. It was understandable, they had all grown up together, some were second and third generation neighborhood residents. They had all gone to school together and had lived near each other all their lives. Their families knew each other, some even worked together and inter-married. If it wasn't for my Aunt who was a long time resident, vouching for me, I probably never would have been accepted even to the level I was.

The group leader was Anthony, who made a point of always saying, “never call me Tony.” but it was obvious why he was the leader, he was bigger and taller than the rest of us, even though we were all separated by only a couple of years. His tight jeans and the rigid tube shape down his inner thigh gave other hints of his “superiority” to being the leader.


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