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The Smoke of Distant Autumn Firesthis story is part of the FanClub (fm:romantic, 10853 words)

Author: Janet Fremont
Added: Jul 22 2015Views / Reads: 2994 / 1046 [35%]Story vote: 9.77 (13 votes)
Two strangers meet by chance. A cusp in life, no matter how small, can change everything. But once missed, can never be regained.

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The Smoke of Distant Autumn Fires

Janet Fremont

Bob Harris again gave a disgusted look to the silent engine of the Ford and then shifted his gaze - just as disgustedly - to his watch. Then, in a way completely uncharacteristic for him, he vented his feelings with a single, loud expletive. "Shit!" The sudden profanity seemed to bring him back to his surroundings, but did nothing to alleviate his turmoil. Four o'clock! In another hour he was supposed to be in a town another hundred and fifty miles along the road. And that was with this short cut. Short cut! Yeah, on the map it had looked almost forty miles shorter to take this state road through the New Hampshire mountains.

When he had left Boston that morning, heading towards Montreal, he had been a little late, and this route had looked like a good idea. And he had to admit that the drive had been beautiful. It was Friday, the eleventh of October, 1968, and the color of the changing woods was spectacular. The sky was an unrelenting blue, the air cool, but not cold, and the sun painted the land with golden light. Along these byways, the war in Nam, the unrest at home, all seemed like something distant, a description in a book about happenings long ago or in some fictional place. Of course, he admitted to himself, he had only occasionally looked at the lovely scenery, spending most of his time ...

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