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Author: Hungry4BigD
Added: Oct 01 2015Views / Reads: 1036 / 244 [24%]Part vote: 9.25 (4 votes)
The Ride of My Life. --The final chapter ???

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The Ride of My Life... Tanner and Robbie stopped me at the side of the bed. Tanner on the left and Robbie on the right. Their dangling cocks rubbing against my thighs as they both leaned forward and began sucking and teasing my nipples. Tanner would circle the left one with his tongue, and then suck it between his lips and teeth and nibble on it gently, and Robbie would play follow the leader and do the exact same thing to my right nipple. I was in ecstasy with my hands on each of their heads, short blond hair in one, and shoulder length red hair in the other. Pulling each of their faces tighter against my chest, and savoring their mouths were providing.

My cock began to rise and stood at attention. The head of it was pointing toward the ceiling when Tanner began kissing his way down my chest. He stopped momentarily to flutter his tongue in and around my belly button, which tickled, but was wickedly sensual too. Robbie began kissing his way down my abdomen and took the time to circle and lick my belly button too. When Tanner Got to my waist line he spread his legs and squatted down, and thrust his hips forward so his cock was rubbing against my outer leg. Robbie soon followed suit and both of them were humping my legs as they inched their way closer to my cock.

Tanner kissed his way along the length of the side of my cock, and Robbie soon joined him. Two sets of lips were bow sliding along the sides of my throbbing cock, and their cocks were beginning to harden and press against my lower legs too. Tanner swirled his tongue around ...

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