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The Mother-in-Law's Visitthis story is part of the FanClub (fm:older women/men, 14018 words)

Author: Joshua
Added: Oct 07 2015Views / Reads: 3744 / 3079 [82%]Story vote: 9.88 (66 votes)
Twenty-seven year old Dan shares the same birth date as his mother-in law. He'll never forget his 28th birthday when his wife's mother comes to visit.

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My wife and I began our love affair as school-aged kids who have lived beside each other all our lives. Through junior high, then high school, and finally college, Amie and I remained the best of friends and it only seemed natural that we fall in love and marry. It also helped that her parents and mine were best friends as well, socializing often, and, on occasion, even vacationing together. Across all those years, I guess it was inevitable that Amie and I realized that we truly wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. Amie is intelligent, resourceful, and forward thinking and it was because of those qualities that she was elevated to the position of Chief Executive Officer of her company, and sent here to this island paradise where we'll spend the next three years living in a tropical bliss.

Amie's father, Dan, had been a career United States Marine Corps pilot and believe me, he was one tough man. He stands six feet, three inches tall, has a wide, barrel chest, and a demeanor that tells everyone that messing with him might require a great deal of forethought. Even today, in his mid-seventies, Dan is still a formidable man. The ex-Colonel married young and had a son, Amie's step-brother. But when Dan's first wife died soon after giving birth to the boy, Dan realized that if he wished to remain in the military service, he'd need help in raising the child. Two years after becoming a widower, Dan remarried. His second wife was Diane, a wonderful, kind, and understanding woman who bore Dan a second child, my darling wife, Amie. Diane was also many years younger than Dan although she always made it clear that the difference ...

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