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Rainbow Bankthis story is part of the FanClub (bi:transgendered, 4796 words)

Author: Chriss
Added: Oct 20 2015Views / Reads: 2560 / 738 [29%]Story vote: 9.08 (12 votes)
The bank is downsizing and I will be redundant unless I take a transfer to a new subsidiary. But first I need to pass the interview, which could be a problem because as a result of hotel laundry bags being switched I am wearing the HR woman's blouse and

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Rainbow Bank.

I'd flown down and checked into an upmarket hotel in central London for a series of meetings with HR at the bank the next day. There was yet another round of redundancies underway and I'd been told that my role was being eliminated and that I needed to find another position within the bank or I'd be made redundant. There were supposed to be presentations from the management of a new business unit to outline the opportunities would have, followed by a final meeting with HR to either transfer me across to the new unit or collect my keycard. There would be a notice period but that would be 'gardening leave': the way things worked in my position with access to sensitive data as soon as they decided you were out you didn't get back in the building.

One of the nice things about this hotel was the overnight laundry service. Put it in a bag outside your door, phone reception before 10pm and it would be back by 7am. I hate laundry and I'd got into the habit of using this service on the last night of my trips, even on a one night trip like this so as to bring everything back clean and avoid needing to wash when I got home. So far the service had always been completely reliable. So I decided on the spur of the moment to do the trip without an overnight bag. Rather than bringing an extra set of clothes I'd just fly down in the suit I'd wear the next day, chuck the shirt and underwear I had on in the overnight laundry and get it back in the morning. I knew if I didn't get the laundry back on time I'd ...

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