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Tina's Revengethis story is part of the FanClub (bi:interracial, 4272 words)

Author: ThePiggy
Added: Mar 25 2016Views / Reads: 3685 / 2017 [55%]Story vote: 8.58 (12 votes)
Tina gets mad and has a fling with Manny while her boyfriend watches

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Tina's Revenge

Tina stood alone beside the keg. She had no idea where her boyfriend Johnny was. He had left to go to the bathroom 45 minutes earlier and she'd been drinking alone ever since. The pretty redhead was starting to get mad because she had already had to fend off several boys and she was beginning to think she should take one back to her apartment. That would teach Johnny a lesson. They had been together for nearly two years and Tina was tired of the way he took her for granted.

"Damn Tina," Manny said in a thick Latino accent, "you look good." His pretty hazel eyes looked her up and down and a warm smile spread across his face.

'Thanks," Tina blushed, "you don't think it's too short?" She teased playfully as she showed off her long, pale freckled legs. She kept herself in shape and had avoided the freshman 15 and was now into her junior year at well known division one university.

Tina didn't know Manny well but they had talked a few times in the cafeteria and in their sociology class. He was originally from the Dominican Republic but he'd lived in the United States since the beginning of high school and spoke English extremely well for someone who'd only been speaking it for 6 years.


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