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The Runnerthis story is part of the FanClub (mm:infidelity, 2598 words)

Author: ThePiggy
Added: Apr 30 2016Views / Reads: 6452 / 5124 [79%]Story vote: 9.57 (14 votes)
My hot neighbor seduced me and I loved it

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The Runner

Mark glided down the sidewalk towards my house as I hoisted the final bag of mulch onto my shoulder. He had long strides, a fluid gait and a brisk pace. His chiseled bronze chest and washboard glistened with a lather of sweat.

"Hey how are ya doing?" I asked with a nod.

"Good, you?" He replied with a bright, million watt smile. He slowed his pace. "I need to ask you a car question. Do you mind if I stop back after my run?"

"Of course not," I replied quickly. My interest in and knowledge of cars was well known in the neighborhood. I'd recently finished one restoration project with my son and I had a new one waiting in the third bay of my garage. "I'll be doing yard work all day. Stop by any time."

"Great. See ya soon." His pace quickened and I watched him run for a moment before resuming my yard work. He was a very attractive man and a frequent topic of conversation among my wife and her friends. They called him "the runner" and they all sang his praises. They talked about trying to set him up with Emma, the one recently divorced girl in the group. I didn't have the heart to tell them that they were barking ...

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