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Sex Ahoy, Part 7this story is part of the FanClub (ff:one-on-one, 3138 words) [7/20] show all parts

Author: slyfox Picture in profile
Added: Oct 22 2016Views / Reads: 376 / 177 [47%]Part vote: 10.00 (4 votes)
The problem of too many lovers is solved.

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Sex Ahoy, Part 7

By Slyfox

Note: This is a bit longer than usual but I didn't want to destroy the mood of the moment.

Our ladies put their heads and other things, together, to solve the personality problems and love has just begun.

Part 7

When we made a commitment to do without sex for at least a week, we knew it wouldn't be easy. To partners of long standing, it might mean nothing but we did everything wrong by jumping into bed so soon and to lovers of just 48 hours together, it was huge.

However, we did have several things going for us. At work, it was our annual; inspection and review so there was little time to think about anything other than making our respective departments look good.

At home, we had Jo's homecoming to think of, made more difficult by our new relationship and Jenny‘s presence since she had basically moved in and was almost giddy in her excitement.


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