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The Boxerthis story is part of the FanClub (mm:anal sex, 2261 words)

Author: Larry Malone
Added: Nov 29 2016Views / Reads: 657 / 219 [33%]Story vote: 9.33 (9 votes)
A professional boxers discovers a secret source of new legal energy and ends up winning more fights.

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by Larry Malone

When I was growing up in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bay Ridge, there was a guy, let's call him “Franco,” who was a “professional boxer.” At least that's what he always said, even though he earned his living being a bouncer at one of the local night clubs. He actually did have some boxing fights, won some, lost some, but never got further than being only one of many “warm up the crowd” exhibition fights before main events. Franco was a big guy by anyone's standards and his passion was working out whenever he had the time. As a result, he had a magnificent body defined by bulging muscles. He had muscles in places most of us never knew you could have a muscle. The only problem was with his “perfect body” he only had a 4” cock, 4-1/2” when fully hard. His small cock looked even smaller when viewed next to his massive solid thigh muscles that flanked it on either side. That caused him no end of problems with women. Although there were plenty of female body worshipers with a fetish who just wanted to caress his hard muscles while naked or rub their soft bodies all over his rock solid muscled frame but when they came to his “maleness” more than one actually laughed. Some agreed to have sex with him but those that did said they could hardly feel anything inside them. So Franco decided rather than be laughed at or “used” for their pleasure he didn't need them and would, instead, concentrate on his boxing career and his own body ...

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