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Sex Ahoy - Part 14this story is part of the FanClub (ff:one-on-one, 2801 words) [14/20] show all parts

Author: slyfox Picture in profile
Added: Feb 06 2017Views / Reads: 239 / 94 [39%]Part vote: 10.00 (3 votes)
Jennifer asks an important question and the answer leaves Lynn exhausted.

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Sex Ahoy - Part 14

Jennifer asks an important question and the answer leaves the ladies exhausted. Part 14

I awoke the next morning to the persistent calls of several agitated crows and the desire to own a shotgun.

I am not a profane woman but I confess that a few choice words of the genre did come from the mouth of the only one up and around and in need of the bathroom at the moment.

It had been a night of restless slumber on so many fronts. I don't sleep well when I am extremely tired. I know, weird, right? I keep waking up, thinking I've overslept. Go figure.

Then there was the condition, physically as a result of the ill-advised use of an untested sex toy with the power and speed of a Maserati on rocket fuel, and emotionally as I contemplated the advisability of an Assa style attack on Jo. For the record, I decided to forego that adventure, at least until we were sure that to do so would not cause permanent damage to tissues already sensitive but even more importantly to a relationship going back many years. Not to say that we wouldn't abuse her in a less traumatic way. In fact, I was aroused just thinking about it. ...

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