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Vicki's Videothis story is part of the FanClub (ff:first time, 5499 words)

Author: Otazel
Added: May 18 2017Views / Reads: 2008 / 1503 [75%]Story vote: 9.50 (20 votes)
This is how Vicki seduced Fliss by subterfuge.

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Vicki lives a few doors down the street from me. We've known each other pretty much all of our lives, although we were never really close friends until we began to go clubbing together. At eighteen we both had a highly developed sense of adventure, especially when it came to the opposite sex, but we each still needed another girl as mutual support, especially as men always seemed to hunt in pairs. So she and I took to going around together.

On this particular day I called on Vicki to see if she wanted to go into town that evening, her current boyfriend being away on a three month training course with the army and with me being, as they say, between relationships. But she wasn't in the mood she said, though it soon became clear that she had an altogether different motive for not wanting to go out. Her parents were away for the day and that gave her the opportunity to ask me a favour.

‘Will you do something for me, Fliss?' She asked, looking rather hesitant.

Let me explain that my parents lumbered me with the name Felicia, which I don't like, and so I only answer to Fliss.

‘What's that?' I asked cautiously, looking at her expression. ...

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