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Elise Visitsthis story is part of the FanClub (bi:transgendered, 2792 words)

Author: johngood Picture in profile
Added: Nov 12 2017Views / Reads: 1152 / 776 [67%]Story vote: 9.50 (8 votes)
My beautiful cross dressing friend stops over

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Quite a lot of time had passed since I last had Elise tied to my coffee table so I could roughly use all her holes but then that was the pattern. She would beg to visit, come over, be fully used and satiated, and then run back into hiding until her desires and fantasies got the better of her again. She tried to deny it but she was addicted to being a cross dressing, cock sucking, gaping holed slut and the fact was I was always going to be her first port of call when the need rose in her again.

So why was I always first port of call? Well because I treated Elise well. Yes I fucked and used her like the slut she is but I always called her by the feminine pronouns she preferred. I never tried to make her use her penis, what she called her ‘boy clitty', for anything other than what I'd use the clitoris on a cisgender girl, that is to say, only to add to her arousal and as stimulation to help her achieve orgasm. And I never expected her to fuck me with it. In other words I treated her as the woman she so wanted to be.

It started in the usual way, a one word ‘hi' texted to my cell phone. Knowing how the game was to be played I waited 2 days before replying with ‘Miss Elise'. Elise immediately replied ‘What are you up to?' ‘Working out when I'm going to have you' I replied. There was a gap of a few minutes before Elise came back. ‘Am I that obvious?' she asked. ‘Yes' I immediately texted back. ‘Oh' came back. ‘Miss Elise you know you have no need of pretence with me.' I wrote. ‘You need to feel like ...

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