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Bike Shortsthis story is part of the FanClub (mm:exhibitionism, 3415 words)

Author: clgfbfan23
Added: Nov 28 2017Views / Reads: 1197 / 1005 [84%]Story vote: 9.55 (11 votes)
Married Sam hits the bike trail near his home hoping to catch of glimpse of some outdoors action but ends up naked and dominated by a hot stranger.

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Sam looked out the window of his second story bedroom on clear, sunny Saturday afternoon and realized that it would be a perfect time for a bike ride. There was a trail not far from his house and it was just warm enough and late enough in the day that he might see some interesting activity if he wondered off the beaten path. Sam loved biking. He was a naturally stocky guy of average height and biking, along with trips to the squat rack, helped keep his muscular ass from getting sloppy now that he was in his early forties.

He pulled off the polo shirt that he had worn to church with his wife and teenage kids then pulled off the khaki pants and tight briefs underneath. There would be no room for those underneath his chosen biking ensemble. Naked except for a pair of socks he walked over to the dresser that he shared with his wife and pulled open the fourth drawer where he kept his workout clothes. He pulled out a black form-fitting shirt with a collar and a pair black spandex shorts. Many people would consider these shorts as underwear but there were many others - including Sam - who saw them as perfectly acceptable outer garments when engaging in physical activity.

As Sam walked down the stairs his wife caught a glimpse of his riding choices and wrinkled her face, giving him that concerned and stern look that she always gave when she suspected he was up to no good.

"What?" he said. ...

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