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STEP KIM 2.0 part 1 (fm:adultery, 7995 words) [1/7] show all parts

Author: jwdoney
Added: Feb 24 2018Views / Reads: 3580 / 2849 [80%]Part vote: 9.68 (57 votes)
A reboot of the popular lust story of Kim and Jeff, without all the chaos, nonsense and mayhem. Kim is sweet, loving and hot, and Jeff is obsessed with his stepmom, but is she innocently teasing him or leading him into trouble?

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What if instead of setting an elaborate stage, creating so much chaos, and distracting everyone from the original topic... What if I had just told the story of Jeff and Kim? The story I had intended to tell before I got sidetracked with trying to top ALICIA. Kim was 3 dimensional and believable, a woman in her 30's conflicted by the love her husband didn't give her and the love her stepson wanted to. Jeff was real because beyond his lust, he truly cared for Kim and wanted more than the sex they shared. The heat between Kim and Jeff was legendary and believable, but adding Sarah, her sister, her mom, and all of Jeff's stepmoms was just insanity on the level of ALICIA AND THE BIKINI STORE.

So now I am pressing reset, using part of the original story to lay the groundwork, and seeing if the lust and chemistry between Jeff and Kim is enough to tell their story. This time without mayhem, chaos and nonsense. Obviously to get the story rolling, parts of it will be copied from STEP KIM, but the majority of this will be original writing and all new characters. Sarah, Hope and others simply do not exist. There will be no multiple partners, the "Ex Club" or stepmoms everywhere throwing themselves at Jeff. What there will be is heat, lust and love... and the consequences of that forbidden relationship. If it works, we all win, if it doesn't, well it was worth a shot. With some luck, some careful thought, and good intentions, I present to you STEP KIM 2.0, I hope you enjoy it.

I want and need feedback from you so I know if this reboot works and if it should continue. Be honest, be considerate and let me know what you thought, especially if you read and or liked the original STEP KIM and all it's chaos.

This (2.0) is an original story and is not intended to mirror, reflect or copy anything I have written or posted, including the original STEP KIM. Aside from taking parts of the original chapter one and repurposing them, this is an all new story that should have been, and what was doesn't exist. No malice or disrespect is intended, infidelity and cheating are serious issues and most importantly, this is just a story. I have complete respect for marriage and being faithful. Any people, places, names, products or events mentioned or inferred are done so without permission or endorsement. This is a work of fiction.

My name is Jeff and I am 21 years old, 5' 11" with short brown hair, a decent build and I live with my father and his 3rd wife Kimberly in their huge house while I decide whether to go back to college or just work full time. My dad is wealthy and Kim has her own money but this isn't about them. Well, it sort of is, but it's not about their money. My dad has a wandering eye and mom always says "Your father is a great man but a lousy husband". As long as I've been aware, he cheats on every woman he's with, and the strange part is he cheated on mom with his second wife Leslie, but then he cheated on Leslie with Kim... and mom. Dad and mom have a strange love/hate relationship and still meet for dinner and who knows what else. Mom says she would marry dad again if he would stop screwing around but from what I see, he's already cheating on Kim and they've only been married a little over a year. What I don't get is Mom is very pretty, Leslie, dad's second wife is gorgeous, and Kim is just flat out hot. So why does dad cheat? Who knows, but he definitely has a thing for blondes, because mom, Leslie and Kim are all blonde. Kim is 33 and younger than dad, who is 42, and since she is a personal trainer, she is in amazing shape and doesn't seem to like to wear clothes. Kim is 5' 10" with long, light blonde hair and a beautiful smile. Her body is perfect, at least to me, and she has long legs, a tight ass, flat stomach and firm large breasts that have to be 34D if I know anything.

Kim is not shy or reserved, and when you get to know her, she's open and funny and she loves to spoil me. It started out incidental, but became a thing where I have to be careful what I ask for, like, or show her because she just goes out and buys it. Kim is also very flirty and loves to hug, touch, and even kiss, and it's difficult to be around her because she gets me hard and excited pretty much every time. At first, when Kim moved in with my father, she realized I liked her and she used to have fun teasing me, flirting with me, that sort of thing, and then her focus was on the wedding prep and then the actual wedding and honeymoon. As time went by the first year or so, I saw Kim in every

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