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Intensity part 1 (fm:slut wife, 4785 words)

Author: jwdoney
Added: Mar 05 2018Views / Reads: 1434 / 1136 [79%]Story vote: 9.59 (64 votes)
Sweet and pretty Amber loves Jesse completely and can't wait to marry him, but he doesn't give orgasm. The nice girl turns slut story I have been trying to write for years, this is how Amy started to look elsewhere for the big O!

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I am aware that I have a few stories running and many others that are open ended (see LOOSE ENDS for details). As of the posting of LOOSE ENDS, I have tried to add to, end or finish stories, but sometimes inspiration explodes in my brain and has to be set free. This story is based on an idea that I tried to explore a couple of times, once using a ‘photographer' as a muse, another time making a ‘nurse' my subject, and most recently, a naive pizza delivery girl named Kandi. I want to tell the story of a nice girl who turns slut without the heavy ethical drama. When you read this, stop worrying if it could happen, if it would happen, or especially if it should happen. Just enjoy the story so I can enjoy writing it, and so Amber can enjoy getting laid. It's possible this time my ideas will flow, the story will explode, and this could go several parts. Sit back, relax, enjoy, and wish me luck.

Any people, places, names, products or events mentioned or inferred are done so without permission or endorsement. While it is possible that a conversation, scene or situation may borrow from or mirror something that I have written or posted previously, this is an original work, based on an original idea, and does not reflect any person or persons. This is a work of fiction.

My name is Amber and I am 30 years old, 5' 11" with short blonde hair. I am extremely fit considering my lifestyle and profession, and have a boyfriend named Jesse who is my everything. Jesse is 29, owns a cellular store in the same strip mall as my business, we live together, and we've been dating two years as of last week. Jesse is hot, handsome, 6' tall and the man I am going to marry someday. The problem is... and it's our only problem... Jesse rarely gives me an orgasm. He treats me like a queen, is loyal, loving and attentive, perfect in every way, but at least half the time he finishes and sex is over. In fairness, Jesse is more than willing to go down on me, finger me, has as much sex as I want, but at least half the time he gets wound up, blasts off inside me, then I'm left hanging... so to speak. As corny as it might sound, even after two years together, Jesse says my looks and body excite him and he tries to hold back, but I drive him insane. Listen, when you consider all the positives, and how well he treats me, Jesse not giving me orgasms half the time is one hell of a tradeoff!

Still, that's how we got here.

Sex last night was over before I realized it and I think I faked a smile to hide my frustration. This morning I was very horny and Jesse was more than willing to get some, but same result. Five, maybe ten minutes and then it was over. I was moody, pent up, and then had to put on a smile and come to work. Sure, I own the business and I'm the boss, but it's hard to fake a smile when everyone around you is happy and you just want to get laid. Correction. I'm getting laid... I just want a fucking orgasm once in a while! Sorry. So with my degree in sports medicine, I opened a fitness center. Not a gym or even a health club, a fitness center. I do have clients who come to train, work out, use the sauna, get a massage, and so on. My days vary, sometimes I am a personal trainer, sometimes I give massages and do physical therapy or rehab, other days I offer fitness advice, hold a class, even teach nutrition and wellness. If you're looking for a gym to bang weights, I can refer you to several, but if you want to improve your life and treat your body better, come see me.

So I was pent up, frustrated and moody, and it didn't help that my 10am was Mike, a wealthy, hot and sexy man who made my motor rev and is two or three compliments away from stealing me from Jesse. Mike knows he has my number, and based on the erections he gets around me, I know darn well I have his. But he's a client and a customer and I love Jesse completely. Still, today was not the day for Mike and his flirting compliments and handsome everything. One of my employees named Katie is a cute brunette who could have her pick of any man, but is shy and quiet. Great with customers and clients, great at her job, I've promoted Katie twice and now she basically runs the place for me. Katie is 23, beautiful, shapely, and an adorable 5' 9", but is single because she's very shy as I mentioned. I was in my office thinking random thoughts when Katie came in and sighed "Mike is here. He wants to change things up and get a full body massage and move his personal training to Friday". I waited because I knew it was coming... 1... 2... 3... 4... Katie sighed again "He's so dreamy". I smiled, Katie blushed, and I said "You should flirt with him Katie, he's single". Katie blushed bright red and looked away but I knew she wanted Mike. In

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