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THERE IS MORE TO LIFE THAN BEING BOOK SMART (fm:seduction, 3628 words)

Author: Caress
Added: Mar 06 2018Views / Reads: 1521 / 1135 [75%]Story vote: 9.62 (42 votes)
I was a bright student, but shy and inexperienced with girls. However, I learned that someone who wasn't a good student, still could teach me a thing or two.

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I was a senior in high school in the mid 1950s and enjoyed watching all the girls fill out over the years, but was way too shy to ask anyone out. But we had one girl, Beth, which was a little slow and had been held back several years. Now it looked like they were just moving her through the grades to graduate her with a certificate of attendance.

She sat right behind me in homeroom, so we worked together on many assignments. But all she ever did was just write out verbatim the paragraphs in the textbook. Because she was older she had already filled out. She definitely had the biggest breasts of the class, not huge, but probably a small C cup.

I never gave her a second thought sexually. I was too absorbed watch all the little titties on the girls I liked. However, one day in the hallway, I was confronted with it. There was a real crude pig in our class and I saw him come up behind her and grab her breasts. I was just shocked that he could be so crude. But for the first time I looked at her in a sexual way, and she really had a beautifully developed figure.

We only had a half-day of school, so we got out about 11:30. I noticed Beth walking home ahead of me. I ran to catch up, and started to walk with her. She smiled in a simple welcoming way. She had a very innocent and pretty face. I told her how sorry I was that she was groped in the hallway. I told her that no one as nice as she was should ever have to put up with that.

She said that boys did that a lot with her because she was more filled out than the other girls and they thought because she was slow that she won't say anything, but she said she always turned them in. The kid from today was suspended for 3 days.

She said she wished she was smart like I was, then maybe they'd leave her alone. She wished she wasn't stupid. I told her that we were just smart in different ways. I had seen her holding hands with a boy at the theatre a couple years ago, so I figured she had a boyfriend once. I was watching her body move as we walked and it was very appealing.

I decided to risk her getting mad and decided to ask her if she ever had a boyfriend. I then asked her if she ever kissed him. She didn't seem to mind the question. She said they used to kiss a lot before his family moved away. 'Well, there you go. That is something you know and I don't know anything about it.' I told her I didn't have any idea how to kiss and I was embarrassed to go out with girls when I was so 'stupid' to use her word.

'You're not stupid just because you didn't do something. I could show you how to kiss. You always help with my schoolwork. It would make me feel good to be able to help you.' She responded warmly. I was kind of hoping she might respond that way. I told her how fantastic that would be and it would really help me.

She said her old boyfriend and her would kiss in their basement rec room while they were 'watching' TV. She noted that they had to be careful because her parents could always walk in. But now both her parents worked second shift and wouldn't be home for about 12 hours. She said I should come home with her and she would show me. This conversation gave me a huge erection' but at this age almost anything did.

I pulled my shirt out so it wasn't noticeable. I told her how lucky I felt to have someone teach me stuff I didn't know. I could tell it really made her feel special that there was something she could teach.

As we were walking to her house, I began to try to visualize what might be under her drab clothing. Our conversation must have been having an effect on her as well because I could notice her nipples showing through her clothing. I could see her panty line under her dress and the outline of her bra straps under her top. This all added to my adolescent arousal.

When we reached her house we went around the back to the walk-in basement rec room. I was both excited and scared.

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