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Giving into temptation: 1> Taking the team (fm:slut wife, 6900 words)

Author: Chris-t6290 Picture in profile
Added: Mar 08 2018Views / Reads: 1826 / 1409 [77%]Story vote: 9.60 (25 votes)
Although Julie was elated with her husband’s promotion to the coaching staff, for her, it had its pros and cons: luxurious hotels at away games, watching the team train for hours (yawn), and then the game, itself. With the promotion came neglect, though.

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Story outline: Although Julie was elated with her husband's promotion to the coaching staff, for her, it had its pros and cons: luxurious hotels at away games, watching the team train for hours (yawn), and then the game, itself. With the promotion came neglect, though.

Author's note:

In this all new themed imprint, lustful wives, horny girlfriends and even the odd young slut, find themselves giving into the temptation of not just one man, but more and several men. In most instances, it is the neglect of their partner that drives them, while, and in the main, it is pure and simple lust and temptation.

"Fuck me, yes, do it hard, fuck my tight white ass with your big black dick," I cried out, ever more encouragingly, as Roland thrust his long black dick up inside my dripping wet pussy and Earl slammed his long thick snake of a dick deep inside my tightest hole, and all as I held myself invitingly open for him. Any more subsequent cries of pleasure from me were reduced to muffled moans when Glen fucked his generous white cock between my ravenous warm wet lips while three more of the basketball team waited their turn with me; a once satisfied and devoted wife to their coach who was acting more like an insatiable slut and very much enjoying it. I had given into temptation and was reaping its rewards while my husband, Mark, and the other members of the coaching team discussed tactics after the most recent training session.

Up until just a few months ago, we were an ordinary suburban married couple with a healthy sex life. Mark would come home from work about the same time every day. You could set your watch by him, almost. That all changed one Friday, though.

I heard Mark pull up the drive; he was early, I noticed. No sooner had he stopped than he got out of the driver's side, a warm, glowing smile on his face. ‘He looks in a good mood,' I thought to myself, as I peered through the window. I went to the front door to greet him, only for Mark, having closed the door behind him, to lean back against it and smile all the more.

"Have I ever told you how sexy you look? Come here," he said, enticingly, holding out his arms. Mark was acting strange.

"What, these," I intoned, indicating my clothes, the ones I was wearing after a day's work at the town library.

"Not just that, but your long blonde hair, long lithe legs, your curvy body and all the rest. You're far too sexy to be working at the library," he intoned. Yes, the rest. My sexy pussy and shapely tits. ‘Was Mark lusting for sex,' I wondered, with a good few hours before tea, not that it would take anywhere near that long.

"I think you should quit your job."

"What!" I couldn't believe what I was hearing. We just about had our heads above water as it was, while sex was definitely off the menu.

He stood there silently. The grin on his face becoming ever more wider. I thought he was about to burst. Mark couldn't contain his elation anymore.

"I got a promotion, Julie. It's the big one. I'll be working with the coaching team directly. It means travelling, of course. Staying at five-star hotels. The good thing is, you get to come too. No more working at the library," Mark enthused.

Having taken it all in, I couldn't help but throw my arms around him and plant a wet, sloppy kiss on his lips. It was intense. As he held me close and kissed me back, I felt his cock, firm and warm in his suit trousers, press against me.

"Oh, Mark, that's wonderful," I said, joyously, as I drew back apace.

Thrilled at his news, and aroused by his hard-on, I undid the belt of his suit trousers, followed by the button, and finally pulled down the zip. In little time at all, I had knelt on the carpet in front of him. Mark breathed deeply as I licked around the head of his warm cock,

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Mattie writes Fri 9 Mar 2018 13:06:

Your heroines are insatiable! Another good one C


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