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Becca and Michèle, chapter 5 (fm:threesomes, 6627 words)

Author: mcerotic
Added: Mar 09 2018Views / Reads: 1319 / 854 [65%]Story vote: 9.68 (19 votes)
Michèle is arriving in Vegas. Becca is in Tiffany's bed a day early, having had blindfolded sex with her. She has to tell Michèle the whole story.

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Becca woke up in a woman's arms. An unfamiliar woman's arms. She had smaller, firmer breasts than her girlfriend, Michèle. She opened her eyes. There was the Tiffany that she'd seen on TV so many times. But now she was naked, and she was Tuffy, not Tiffany. She was still asleep. Becca thought she looked more attractive like that, with no makeup, her hair a mess, lying on the pillow. Well, of course, any girl looks special naked and lying on her pillow.

Becca thought back to the last few days. She'd left Michèle in Montréal to fly to Vegas. She checked into her hotel and then, on the spur of the moment, she'd decided to go next door to the bar where this whole story had started, over a year ago. She'd let herself get picked up and taken to a couple's bedroom and had her first threesome. Months later, they'd come to see her show in Montréal. As a result, despite it being her home city, she'd stayed the night in a hotel and met Michèle. After one wild weekend, and a courtship measured in hours, she'd moved in with Michèle, and they'd lived together ever since.

In the bar this time, she'd said "lightning doesn't strike twice." But it did. She met another couple, and once again let herself get taken to their room, and had a wonderful threesome.

Then the biggest coincidence of her life. She was going to Vegas with Michèle to see Tiffany, who Michèle had had a couple of trysts with at her hotel. It turned out that Patrick and Mia, the couple that she'd met in the bar, were there to see her too. So the night before she was going to Tiffany's house with Michèle, she ended up there anyway. But in another twist, she didn't even know it because she was blindfolded. She had sex with Tiffany before she knew she was Tiffany. In Tiffany's house, before she realized she was in a mansion.

When the blindfold had come off, she'd freaked out and assumed somehow Michèle and Tiffany had set her up. The fact that it was all a coincidence still seemed unbelievable.

Tuffy stirred and opened her eyes. "You okay with everything now?" she said.

"Sorry I was so upset last night. It was too bizarre for me to comprehend."

"It's quite a coincidence."

"How do you know Patrick and Mia anyway?"

"I met them hiking in Yosemite in the summer."

"You go hiking? Don't you, like, have twenty armed guards with you at all times?"

She laughed. "They hate it. That I go on my own in disguise. When I want to make myself look scruffy, I can do a good job of it. Plus getting rid of the blonde hair. I've never been recognized."

"Well, you don't look scruffy now. But you do look natural. I know how people look in stage makeup compared to real life, I'm in show-business too, in a small way. I don't really recognize myself in the mirror made-up."

"Yes, you get to see me warts and all."

"I like to think of it as pussy and all. Isn't it weird knowing half the country is...well...jerking off to you."

"Apparently the other half are rubbing their fleebs."


"Pussies. I think it comes from some kids cartoon. It's a small creature you rub to get fleeb-juice."

Becca laughed. "I wish someone had told me how to rub my fleeb to get fleeb juice when I was younger. Michèle apparently masturbated when her

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Jeff Price writes Fri 13 Apr 2018 18:02:

Your storyline is great but can't wait for next segment of this or Mia in Yosemite - either or both since they are tied together now.


Dennis writes Fri 9 Mar 2018 18:47:

You and your Tiffany, or Tuffy, or Tee !
Really like the Mia goes to Yosemite series.
Becca, Michelle, Mia, June, Tiffany, and only ONE old guy for all of them? Somebody's gonna get short changed!
Keep it going!


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