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WHEN THE FANTASY BECOMES THE FIRST (fm:first time, 5483 words)

Author: Caress
Added: Mar 10 2018Views / Reads: 1433 / 1056 [74%]Story vote: 9.60 (25 votes)
After fantasizing about her from afar, I was jolted into asking this shy girl out. She had never been out on a date either. We both fumbled through the nights in which the embarrassment and excitement of our young passion unfurled.

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[AUTHOR NOTE: Every thing is true thru the her wanting to go back and sit under the tree. The rest is how I chose to envision it 40 years later. I first wrote this about 10 years ago and remembered it as something I thought others might enjoy. However, when I was preparing it, it became obvious that I had taken passages from other stories that describe the passionate conclusion better than I could. Most stories are missing the foreplay. However, that means that you'll have to cut and paste your own ending.]

I knew Heidi from high school in the early 1960s. She sat way on the other side of home room, so I never really had any conversation with her. We were both shy and I knew neither of us had dated anyone yet. She was a minister's daughter and was very quiet, but very cute. She was petite, but she still looked like she had amazing long tan legs. And they ended in the most fantastic, strong and perfect bubble butt. And her face... she had the sexiest little eyes and pouting lips. Phew.

But her best feature was her small but beautifully rounded breasts that stopped in these little dark pencil eraser nipples. She started to wear those little pointy bras under her sweaters and looked just soooo cute with her long curly blond hair. I watched those breasts grow for years, and now they were the focus of my sexual fantasies every night. WOW.

I had also seen her in the gym after graduation where she was taking a summer ballet course. I hadn't really noticed a cameltoe before, but she showed a nice crotch crease in both her jeans and ballet tights. She began to increasingly star in my masturbation fantasies every night. I even saw her panties once when her skirt got caught and was pulled up over her waist. That image was burned into my memory for life.

Well, there was this other classmate of ours named Paul, who was more of a tough kid...kind of from the other side of the tracks. He was crude sexually and was once reprimanded for feeling the breasts of an older, fully developed, retarded, girl in our class. He would always talk about sex at recess and make crude remarks to the girls. I heard that he had called Heidi to ask her out and I was shocked. That was enough to jolt me out of my shyness. I called Heidi up and asked her why she'd even consider talking with a character like him, because she seemed like such a nice, sweet kid.

We talked, and I asked her if she'd like to go for a walk down on the beach of Lake Michigan...and that's what we did. I met the parents, but older people always liked me. Heidi and I held hands after a while...much anxiety preceded the "move". We were both clueless about dating, but the hormones were raging.

Eventually, we sat beneath a large tree. After much anxiety I got enough nerve to put my arm around her and we even lay back on the ground and watched the night sky. After walking around for a while, Heidi said one of the sexiest things a woman ever said, "Can we go back and sit under the tree some more"?....she liked having my body against hers. She found it as exiting as I did. Of course, at that age I had a constant erection when around her, and always had to have my shirt hanging out.

As soon as we got there, she turned to me and hugged me, squeezing me close to her. She was obviously very tactile. I was enjoying her company. She started to kiss my neck, which pushed me to another whole level of excitement.

I followed suit. We continued to lightly kiss each other's neck and cheeks, until our lips lightly touched each other's. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. We continued to explore kissing each other... this was the first kiss for both of us.

I had an aching erection, and tried to hide it; but it pressed into her hip while we hugged. Our legs began to entwine, as our kisses grew longer. We each felt the other's hips move slightly acknowledging the excitement of the moment. Things were heating up enough to scare me so I slowed them down. She was obviously very hot to trot. I had to get my head around that.

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