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The Librarian (fm:male domination, 2722 words) [1/6] show all parts

Author: mcerotic
Added: Mar 10 2018Views / Reads: 2378 / 1642 [69%]Part vote: 9.38 (39 votes)
I meet a woman in the supermarket. Somehow, just a glance is enough for me to know that she wants me to take control.

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One of my readers pointed out that whenever I introduce something a little extreme into one of my stories (spanking, blindfolding, etc) then I have always made it the girl's first time. So how about a story where a woman who is already experienced appears? So here is that story. This is just the first chapter, so there's very little sex in it.


People who have never tried it have no idea how liberating it is to offer total obedience. I know that sounds contradictory. But a woman who has given up everything once, will never be satisfied with a normal relationship. I almost said a normal loving relationship. But nothing can be as loving as obedience. A virgin bride on her wedding night thinks she gives herself to her husband, but she has no idea what giving herself totally means. Total obedience means giving up all control of what happens to you sexually. Giving up all responsibility for your actions. Giving up your safety to someone you must trust will keep you safe.

Some people like the words master and slave, but I don't like those words. In fact I like to call the girl just girl, whatever her age. Somehow giving up your name is part of the liberation. The girl calls me lord.

Of course, it's fun to take an ingénue, an inexperienced young woman, a girl who has never offered total obedience. An ingénue always needs to be trained. Total obedience usually has to be taken before it is offered willingly. Then the ingénue becomes a neophyte, a new convert to obedience. Obedience is a powerful drug, though. Once an ingénue reaches the neophyte stage then she will never be satisfied with the sort of romantic relationship portrayed in books and movies. She can never be satisfied with equality. She needs to be dominated to make her feel whole.

There are two types of girls after that. A girl that has found the right lord. She is satisfied and deeply content. But she is unavailable, unless her lord gives her to me for a time. A night, a week, a lifetime.

The second type of girl is one that has not found the right lord. Either she has no lord, or a lord from whom she knows she will need to gain release. I call this sort of girl a fetlifer. She spends a lot of time on places like the fetlife website seeking what she probably calls a new master. I never go on fetlife. I like to find girls in real life, in a bar, in a store, on the bus. It is subtle, seeing that look in their eyes, seeing the relief when you make it clear that you know their secret, the gratitude when you take their responsibility away and make all their decisions for them.

This story starts in the supermarket. It was late in the evening, maybe approaching ten-o-clock. She was in the line a few people ahead of me. I saw that look in her eye. I held her gaze, and she held mine a little too long, and then looked down. I knew. More importantly, she knew I knew. She was a fetlifer.

"Wait for me at the car," I said called to her casually, as if I already knew her. The people in the line between us had no idea what was going on. They had no idea that the girl in front of them was conflicted. She was frightened at what she was going to do, but excited at the prospect. It is like in one of those nature documentaries where the male has to risk being eaten to mate with the female. Except in this case it is the female who has to risk all to get what she has to have. She would be desperate to get in her car and drive off. But she would wait for me, because that's what I'd told her to do, and that is what a girl does when a lord gives her an order.

I looked at her while the cashier bagged her groceries. She was wearing jeans and flipflops, a low-cut white t-shirt and another long-sleeved shirt over the top. Nice sized breasts without being overly busty. She wore a red bra that her t-shirt didn't totally hide. She was blonde.

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