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Japanese Welcum (fm:asian/oriental, 2711 words) [1/3] show all parts

Author: Caress
Added: Mar 12 2018Views / Reads: 1509 / 1073 [71%]Part vote: 9.35 (23 votes)
I have a friend who lives in Japan. I've never visited, but if I did, this is my fantasy of how I would be welcomed.

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Japanese Welcum

My friend had been working in Japan for a number of years when I finally decided to take advantage of a behind the scene, non-tourist, view of Japan.

Even walking from the plane to the terminal, I was surprise how petite and sexy most of the women were. Tod picked me up with his girlfriend, who was also finely featured. They got me settled in and said that evening we were going to eat out and they were going to invite a friend who was very fluent in English.

When I first met Lin she was conservatively dressed, blouse, bra, skirt to her knees, but very cute, petite and fit. She probably was around 40, but still looked like a teenager.

We had a great evening of conversation. Tod and his girlfriend had tickets to a play later, so they arrange for Lin to entertain me until later. She asked if I'd like a short tour of the area on the way to see her place. She talked about the sites until we arrived at her place, which was beautifully appointed.

We took our shoes off and she settled me on a mat on the floor of the living room. She got us both some tea and put on some nice background music. She asked me how I felt after my long trip. I told her it would be a few days for my jet lag to disappear. She said that Tod told her I always liked the way Japanese women looked. And referring to her I said what's not to like.

We talked about the physical difference between Japanese women and American women. We got onto the subject of sex and she noted that when she studied in America she was aware how Victorian we seemed about sex. She said in Japan, it wasn't seen as the measure of a faithful partner. She said men and women in Japan feel much more free to express themselves sexually.

She said it was very normal for the host in Japan to arrange for someone to make their stay very special. She asked if I'd like to spend an evening with her enjoying ourselves physically. As she asked, she lifted one leg and let me get a very deliberate peek at her panties. I immediately became very erect. The idea to be with someone so lovely was very arousing. I told her I'd love to experience a traditional Japanese welcoming.

She leaned into me and said we'd get acquainted physically, with just our eyes and our hands, then I could choose what's next. I told her that I wasn't sure what was appropriate, but she told me to relax and enjoy her touch. She pushed me back into a semi-reclined position and then straddled my legs to face me. As she did, she pulled her skirt up. I watched her crotch as she spread her legs, placing one on either side. Before she dropped her skirt I had a wonderful view of her panties and the indentation hinting of her concealed pussy lips. I was hard as a rock, my tip barely touching her butt crack. She leaned forward and kissed my neck, very slowly and repeatedly. Her hands were softly running over my chest, abdomen and sides.

She then very lightly began kissing my face and gradually grazing over my lips with hers. I had my hands on her slender waist above the waistline of her skirt. She gave me a soft, full kiss and leaned her body against mine for a second. Her lips then went down my neck toward my chest.

She began unbuttoning my shirt and started moving her hands over my bare skin. She said Western men had much more hair on their bodies than Japanese men. She always enjoyed exploring the differences. She asked me what I like about Japanese women. I told her that I've always been attracted to petite women with small features. She asked me if I like large breasts like so many Americans seem to. I told her I much preferred a smaller figure like hers.

She pulled my shirt off my shoulders and set it aside. Then she leaned her body against me again for a fuller kiss. Her body slid down so now her crotch was resting on my erection. As we kissed I pulled her body a little tighter. When she broke the kiss she leaned back and ran her hands up and down my body. She said she was very flattered that I

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