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Giving into temptation: 2> Fixing Sandra’s holes (fm:slut wife, 5777 words)

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With as many as three big beefy workmen replacing the tiles that had blown off the roof directly above the bedroom, Sandra Anderson found it hard to resist the temptation that each one possessed. They noticed, of course.

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Story outline: With as many as three big beefy workmen replacing the tiles that had blown off the roof directly above the bedroom, Sandra Anderson found it hard to resist the temptation that each one possessed. They noticed, of course.

After the freak storms of over 10 years ago, which resulted in the tiles on the roof having to be replaced, the weather gods were good to us. That was, until just recently.

At that time, the weatherman smiled as he assured those watching the weather report, which, as always, followed the news, that there wasn't anything like a gale on the horizon. How fucking wrong was he! It was devastating. Trees, specifically those that had been standing for hundreds of years and well-rooted into the ground, blew over, while some were shown to have landed on crumpled cars on the following day's news. In other cases, windows had blown in while tiles were scattered on the gardens and pavements below buildings.

The first we noticed it was when water from the accompanying rain dripped through the ceiling and splashed on my husband's forehead.

"What the...!" Fred exclaimed, aghast, before getting up. Having roused me from my peaceful sleep, I heard the wind howl like a mad crazed banshee.

"So much for the assurances," he fumed. "The tiles must have come off the roof during the storm," Fred informed me. "Quick. Get a bucket, Sandra, while I move the bed," he said, ever quick to take control of a situation.

With modern weather forecast technology and regular updates and improvements, all was quiet for the next decade. Enough that the nation had a 24-hour warning if something was brewing.

Thankfully, it wasn't as bad as last time. The only trees to be affected were small ones and most were only leant over in the most troubled areas; ours being one. Yet again, the tiles needed replacing while we moved to the spare bedroom. We both worked to pay the mortgage and so we hadn't gotten around to having children. I was still in the springtime of my 30's and so we had decided to wait awhile.

The big change to last time, with regards to replacing the tiles, was safety measures. Scaffolding, comprising hollow pipes, had to be erected and securely bolted together while long wooden planks of wood provided a walkway. It was costly, but our insurance thankfully covered it. Likewise, and as with last time, the premium would go up.

In all, there were just three men. Each one big, beefy and muscular. They wore jeans, boots, a shirt, a yellow hi vis body jacket, which was the same as a body warmer, and a safety helmet.

I had to take time off to stay at home throughout the three days they were there. They looked quite fanciable as they set about erecting the scaffolding the first day. By the time they broke for lunch, and with more than half of it completed, my pussy was noticeably wet from my erotic thoughts about them while my clit throbbed against my damp thong.

It wasn't just children that were lacking in our marriage. Sex had become stale and I only tended to climax when I took ‘matters into my own hands'. I was horny, but, I was married. ‘They wouldn't be back for an hour, no doubt longer than that,' I figured to myself.

As I had my lunch, a cold meat sandwich and a cool refreshing juice drink, which I took from the fridge, I just couldn't get them out of my mind. I imagined them shirtless. Each one stripped down to his hat, jeans and boots, sweat covering a well-toned muscular torso and arms as the sun beat down. It was, in fact, quite sunny that day.

There was nothing else for it. I was horny and wet and in need of release. I put my empty plate and glass on the drainer for later, and went upstairs to the bedroom; our bedroom, in fact.

I imagined I was laid on the bed with the workmen milled around me. One of them had my legs spread wide while he licked and lapped at my pussy.

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Jo Jo writes Mon 26 Mar 2018 13:49:

Reminds me of when I had my secondary glazing fitted :-)

Joanne xxxx


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