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Author: Caress
Added: Mar 16 2018Views / Reads: 2323 / 1739 [75%]Story vote: 9.64 (33 votes)
I had a young emigrant girl staying with me for a couple weeks. She freely exhibited her pleasure in rubbing herself and displaying her cute, little body. Soon she thought it would be fun for me to join her for her rubbing sessions.

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IVANA was a lovely girl. Her family has just emigrated from Eastern Europe. Her mother asked me to look after Ivana for two weeks while she was in a training program.

Ivana was out of school, finished her training program and was just waiting the paperwork to get a job, so she had no schedule.

She had the classic, thin and underdeveloped look that attracted me. Her slim body was hard and athletic from a life of hard work and no junk food. She had solid muscles moving under silky baby skin.

She wore simple peasant clothes that were really suited more to a younger girl. But she had a natural sexuality and a flirtatious behavior that showed off her body in the most seductive way.

Shorts were tight and too short. Dresses were too short. Tops were tight. You could tell she had a farm gal's interest in sex that was driven by her raging hormones. It was obvious that she had some kind of sexual experience, but in a very naive way. She just knew it felt good when certain parts of her body were rubbed, either by herself or others.

She never wore a bra and she wasn't shy about flashing her panties. And that is if she was wearing them. She was very free with her body. She seemed to enjoy the fact that she could attract men's interest with her body and that she had a playful power of them.

She got in the habit of always jumping on my lap and squirming her body against mine. She'd be chatting away about nothing in particular and would start to grind her crotch into mine.

Her short skirts would ride up when she straddled my lap and she seemed perfectly comfortable with my hands running up her naked thigh and cupping her ass...again... with or without panties.

After a few days she started giving me a goodnight kiss and hug. Her pajamas consisted of a pair of tight gym sweats or a large baggy shirt that barely covered her ass.

These started with a peck on the cheek, but soon evolved to her rubbing her entire body against mine in her light nightgown. That was shortly followed by several kisses on the mouth.

Now, several times a day, she'd just plop in my lap and start making out with me for a couple minutes and then jump up and leave.

The whole thing was very odd, but very exciting. If I wasn't sitting, she'd jump up into my arms and I'd have to catch her by her ass to hold her up. I noticed she was now using my laptop during the day to surf porn sites about what older guys liked to do with young girls.

She'd see photos of erections, but no videos of them cumming. I'm sure she saw people fucking, but being from a farm, she probably knew what that was. But I wondered if she knew about how cum shot out of a cock. There maybe was a few surprises I could show her.

Through all this blatant behavior on her part I had fought the urge to really do anything sexual with her other than returning her kiss. But she knew how to get me erect and was enjoying pressing her body into it.

Some times late at night I would go by her room and see her through the crack in the door, naked and masturbating. In our daily hikes she began leaving her panties off and hiking ahead of me. She was forever bending over giving a full view of her cute little ass.

She would wash in the kitchen or yard completely naked, like it was the most natural thing in the world. She seemed to enjoy doing it while I was in the yard. I think she enjoyed having the power over me to make me uncomfortable.

It escalated one day when she was sitting on my lap, grinding into my erection while kissing me. My hands were naturally cupping her little

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