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Susie gets anonymous cock, her 70 year old gardener! (fm:older women/men, 6668 words)

Author: LEATBT Picture in profile
Added: Mar 19 2018Views / Reads: 2514 / 1827 [73%]Story vote: 9.62 (42 votes)
Susie has a hankering for more anonymous cock, but she never knew it was her big cocked old gardener!

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Before you read this account, please be warned that it involves wife sharing. If this is not your thing, move on now to avoid having to write comments airing your disgust and disapproval.


Those of you who are still with me may have read the earlier Susie accounts? If so, you will be well aware that she is no stranger to the occasional extra cock or two! It started years ago, but even though she is now in her early forties, she still has no trouble appealing to the younger man! Susie had recently hinted a few times that she would love to try an anonymous cock again, something that she once got tricked into, it turned out that she loved the experience! I also enjoyed seeing her being fucked with her not knowing whose cock was enjoying her, so I finally agreed to try and set something up. You would think it would be the easiest thing in the world to find a willing taker for the position! However, the combination of fulfilling her stipulations, such as the guy must not be married or in a relationship, must be trustworthy and clean etc, is made all the more difficult by the fact that we are living in a small Cotswold village which seriously restricts the choices.

No doubt there were plenty of willing men, and she had already had her choice of some of the more desirable younger lads locally,(including the new curate, but that's another story!) but now I was at a bit of a loss as to who to choose to give her what she wanted.

I had been pondering on this for a few weeks when a bad thought crossed my mind. I was watching Susie wandering around the garden with old Benny, her gardener. He had been widowed for five years, and always seemed to keep a keen eye on Susie, or 'Miss Susie' as he was prone to call her. We often spent time with him chatting in the village pub and I could tell that he fancied her, even though he was thirty years her senior! I have to admit that the idea of this old man getting his hands on her sexy little body without her realising did have its appeal, and she had been spoilt up to now with the fit young men that she had enjoyed over recent years.

The question was, at seventy one years old, was he still in full working order? He certainly seemed fit enough working in the garden, but that isn't quite the same thing. The only way to find out was to get him alone and ask the question!

The opportunity arose two days later. We were sitting in the garden having an early evening beer when Susie came out all dressed up ready to go out with one of her girlfriends for a meal. She bent over to kiss me goodbye and I caught old Benny giving her legs a few appreciative glances. Once she had left I made a comment about how hot she looked.

'Arr' he replied. 'I wish I'd met a girl like that when I were a young un! Mind you,' he continued in his country drawl, 'She'd probably be a bit on the small side for me!'

I was a bit surprised at that and chuckled as I asked,

'Do you mean you prefer bigger women then?' .

Benny laughed. 'T'aint that boy, it's just that I was blessed with a bit more 'n my fair share down below, if you get my drift? My old Mary had trouble coping all her life, had to give it up in the end, God rest her soul!' It's been nearly twenty years since I been with a woman!'

'Twenty years? Bloody hell Benny, have you still got lead in your pencil then?'

'Arr' he replied, I got plenty of lead my boy, but it's no bloody use if you got no-one to write to!'

This was my chance! I opened another couple of beers, passed one to him, then asked.

'How would you fancy writing to Susie one night then?'

He turned his head towards me with a quizzical look on his face.

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Shiann (guest) writes Sat 7 Apr 2018 05:21:

Great story loved it nd er had a big. Cock like that


Magpie69 writes Tue 27 Mar 2018 14:11:

Wonderful......a bit different but very sexy


Mattie (guest) writes Tue 20 Mar 2018 15:02:

As a randy and well bessed 60-something, I loved this story lots!


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