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Runners (fm:exhibitionism, 5272 words)

Author: Geminine Picture in profile
Added: Mar 26 2018Views / Reads: 1518 / 1127 [74%]Story vote: 9.54 (13 votes)
In the future, a gameshow called Runners rules the ratings. Runners are pitted against chasers for a chance to win a grand prize. If runners are stripped of their colored jumpers before thirty minutes expires, they lose and have to submit to the chasers

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"Welcome one and all to the United Nations number one rated television program, the gameshow which combines what we love most, sex and sport... This is Runners!"

The audience took to their feet in the domed arena with a thunderous applause.

"And here's your host with the most," the announcer said over the loud speakers, "Chuck Harvey!"

The burgundy theatre drapes opened and a silver-headed man trotted out, showing a wide white grin. "Hello and welcome to Runners! The show where three lucky contestants compete for a chance to win..."

"One. Million. Dollars!" the crowd cheered.

"That's right!" Chuck said into the microphone. "The object of the game is survive thirty minutes in the bombed out and depleted region of the Forgottens without being caught by one of our chasers. If, within thirty minutes, a competitor is stripped of their clothes, he or she will be eliminated and must submit to the chaser. There is absolutely no punching, pushing, or kicking; only tugging and running. If you survive the hour, with even a sock on, you win the grand prize of..."

"One. Million. Dollars!" the crowd chanted again in one unified voice.

"Yes, yes!" Chuck said. "Let's meet our contestants, shall we? First up... a former soccer player turned model. Give a round of applause for Mandy Garcia!"

Mandy appeared from underneath the stage on an elevated platform. The brunette, with streaks of blonde, waved to the audience in a red one piece jumper. She was thin with a sun-kissed skin tone. "My goal is to continue modeling... with my prize money, that is!"

"Ohhhh snap." Chuck spun back to the crowd. "The next competitor.... a tough cop from the West district... let's hear it for Elba Ortega."

Elba arose from the platform next to Mandy. The short Spanish officer wore a black jumper with her dark hair in a ponytail. She sneered at the crowd with an unapproachable look. "Dead or alive... the money is coming with me."

"Ha! Classic." Chuck chuckled. "And finally... hailing from the world of Ghost Hunting, round of applause for Kristin Blake."

The third and final platform lifted Kristin. She had strawberry blonde hair and sported a purple jumper. She folded her arms, looked away as though wanting to be anywhere else.

Chuck motioned to her. "Well, do you have anything to say?"

Kristin smacked on a piece of gum. She stretched it with her index finger while saying, "No. This show and our world has become filth. I'm just here cuz my boyfriend said we could use the money for new equipment. So..."

"Your pleasantness is apparent. I can see what your boyfriend sees in you." Chuck turned back to the crowd with a heightened brow. A few giggled in their seats. He wagged his head, jumped back into character. "Now the fun part..."

"Pick. Our. Chasers!" the crowd shouted.

"That's right. Upon arrival, we asked you all to choose your chasers for the event." Chuck swung to the big screen behind him. "Your choices are... Machismo!"

A picture flashed of a muscle-bound wrestler. Dark shades covered his eyes. A sleeveless tie-dye shirt showed off his impressive biceps. His brown hair frizzed out from underneath a bandana, matching his scraggly beard.

Mandy rolled her eyes at the image, scoffed.

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Seabee writes Thu 5 Apr 2018 03:38:

Wow that was great a lot of fucking and a runner got fucked good a n won a million I would fuck for a lot less


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