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Erotic Massage (bi:first time, 2057 words)

Author: ThePiggy
Added: Mar 29 2018Views / Reads: 1477 / 1146 [78%]Story vote: 9.11 (18 votes)
A Male masseur makes me his bitch

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I laid face down and naked under a towel on the sturdy but narrow massage table. My heart was racing and I had a flutter of butterflies in my stomach. I closed my eyes and breathed deep, drawing the scent of candles into my lungs as I tried to relax.

Warm oil drizzled onto the exposed flesh of my back and my breath caught in my chest. I couldn't believe was I was doing and the wheels in my head began to turn. His strong hands touched me and he kneaded my back, eliciting a soft moan from my almost trembling lips.

I'd answered his ad for an in home massage on a whim. I was recently divorced but I'd lived a decidedly straight life until that moment. I had, on occasion wondered about bisex. I was not physically attracted to men in the least but I'd recently accepted that I was more than a little curious about sucking cock and I was open to the idea of doing other things.

His talented hands dug into my sore muscles and I moaned softly. He was young and I shape with an athletic build and a pleasant face. He was quite obviously gay and his ad had hinted at the possibility of more than just a traditional massage but it had been anything but overt and he hadn't given me any indication that more was on the table but my mind continued to race as he finished my back and moved to my arms. He lifted my left arm and worked on my hand before moving to my forearm and then my bicep and tricep.

The first hint that something more might happen came when his clothed cock grazed my knuckles sending a shiver down my spine as he moved to the other side of the table. He repeated the process on my right arm and my pulse slowed until his semi erect cock brushed lightly against my knuckles. I felt a familiar tingling between my legs and my eyes rolled back in my head. It had been more than a month since my last tinder date and I was extremely horny as he moved down to the end of the table.

He rubbed my feet and my body went slack. I'd felt the sexual energy when he brushed against me but moments later he seemed all business and I began to relax. My pulse slowed and my mind began to empty. His strong hands moved up my legs, kneading the knots from my overworked muscles and I sighed deep and low.

He massaged my legs for several minutes and I drifted in an out of a dream state. He stepped to my side and pushed the towel up to my waist, baring my firm, muscular ass. He squeezed and rubbed my glutes and I began to think I'd imagined his earlier indiscretions. He spread my cheeks and his fingers brushed my right, virgin sphincter making my head spin anew. Blood rushed to my sick and it swelled beneath me.

Warm oil dripped into my crack and he teased my asshole. His expert fingers caressed my taint and then pushed against my asshole.

A low moan slipped from my lips and he pushed a finger inside of me. My eyes closed and I shuddered. My cock, rock hard and ready, throbbed beneath me as his digit moved slowly in and out of my eager rectum.

His free hand gently rubbed my balls and I groaned as he added a second finger to my asshole. He pushed them deep and began to massage my prostate.

Precum drooled from my aching dick and I moaned wantonly. My heart thumped in my chest and I moved my hips slowly, begging for more.

He pushed a third finger into my depths and delicious pain tore through me. I felt ravenous and wicked. I'd often thought about giving head and getting but at that moment I'd have let him do anything he wanted.

He pulled his fingers from my ass and bent low. His warm, fresh breath danced along the nape of my neck and a shiver ran down my spine.

"Roll over," he said in a low, domineering tone. He lightly slapped my ass and I quickly rolled onto my belly.

My wet cock jutted from my body and pointed at my head. It was painfully rigid and he laughed.

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