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Client service (fm:sex at work, 4882 words)

Author: Russell
Added: Apr 01 2018Views / Reads: 4887 / 3946 [81%]Story vote: 9.53 (34 votes)
A work trip with a client that started off relatively innocent and ended up anything but - based on a true story of a time where I accompanied my biggest client on an overnight trip.

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Hi my name is Russell and, don't get put off by this, I'm a tax accountant. Sexy I know. How could this lead anywhere I know you are asking. Well until recently I would have agreed with you. Until I met Kathy.

To paint a picture, Kathy is 5ft exact, 110 pounds with big eyes and a figure that seemed perfectly proportioned. Meanwhile I was 5ft11 200 pounds in decent shape, I'm no Adonis but I look after myself.

So back to Kathy...Kathy was the country tax manager for my largest client which basically meant I was at her beck and call. Lunches, dinners, if her ex was being a dick about their son and she wanted someone to listen I was there too. And yes there may have been a small amount of flirting but if you are told this client is the path to partnership you'll do whatever it takes to make them happy.

I was sure everything was going well. Kathy was happy. The work was rolling in. I was climbing the ladder. Nothing could go wrong. Haha that would prove to be both right and wrong.

We had just closed a big deal and so my boss, Peter, and I had taken Kathy and her team out for drinks to celebrate. Everything was going great, we couldn't get too out of control because we were all getting on a plane the next day to fly to another city because her global boss was flying in as well. The drinks were flowing, my boss had left and most of Kathy's team had gone home when, as I was topping off her glass, she leaned in and not so quietly whispered "watch out if I get you and Peter alone this trip" accompanied by a not so subtle rubbing of her hand over the front of my pants!

Now yes we had flirted on and off and had shared some emotionally intense times, but at no stage did I actually think she meant anything by it. Like I said, I was nothing that special and Kathy, whilst being 6 or 7 years older, was still a fox and admittedly had "starred in my thoughts" (to borrow a phrase) on more than one occasion! So you can imagine that this started to have an immediate reaction on me physically!

Wanting to maintain some sort of client/adviser professionalism I quietly settled the tab and beat a hasty retreat before things could get out of control. Although as I lay in bed that night Kathy's words kept going round and round in my head until I couldn't resist it any more and had to take care of things on my own?

Fast forward to the next day...after a (even by my standards) relatively boring day of discussing tax it was time for a drink! We had met Dave (Kathy's boss) who whilst not the most attractive guy himself was very charismatic and a similar height and build to me. It's fair to say that after 3 or 4 hours drinks were getting slightly out of control given I found myself standing on top of a table with my shirt unbuttoned and Kathy rubbing her hands up and down my chest. At this stage it was just Kathy, Dave and me left and so given her comments the previous day about Peter I naively assumed that tonight was just another flirty evening.

After I was politely asked to sit back down and do up my shirt, Kathy was next to me and proceeded to ensure that my leg and her hand remained connected whilst we finished that round of drinks. At which time Kathy suggested we pay up and head back to my room to make use of the mini bar. Of course being the client who was I to say no?

Sure I had consumed quite a few scotches but I didn't quite realize until we were back at the hotel that Dave was still with us. No problem I thought, we were all staying in the same hotel no issue. So as we got off at our floor (same floor) I, still being naïve, invited Dave in for drinks as well. So we all went in and I mixed a round of drinks while Kathy put some music on.

Being your typical business hotel room it was big enough for a bed, an arm chair and a desk chair. So being three of us, one needed to sit on the bed (like I said I'm an accountant right). Dave had taken the desk chair, trying to do the right thing I had left the arm chair for Kathy and I went and sat on the edge of the bed. When I looked over at Kathy I realized she had sat down but had taken off her business shirt in the process, leaving a singlet top and no bra.

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