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Fucking Faye - The Rest Of The Story (fm:adultery, 3923 words) [3/3] show all parts

Author: NoSayQuien Picture in profile
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Al was my best friend. Emphasis on the "was." But I'm still Fucking Faye!

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I was rolling in bliss. My well-primed, eight-inch dick was embedded deep in Faye's ass. Every time I pumped it in and out of her tight shit chute, slickened up with the aromatic pistachio oil she always used, the tremors of my delight shook me to my core. My belly went right up and tight against her plump and perfect bottom as I kept on fucking Faye, as hard as I could. God! She fucking loves it that way - and so do I. I used everything I had to hold off the giant cum I knew was on the way. I wanted Faye to be shaking with her own orgasm as I geysered my creamy white load into her hot, tight rectum. So... fucking... good! So... fucking... great!

If you have been following the saga of my affair with Faye, who is my best friend's wife, you'll remember that I came unglued the minute I saw her, when she and Al (that's my best friend) showed up at the airport to pick me up. My own wife, Ruth, was not with me, and I was stunned by Faye, the moment I saw her. I had never met her, having been out of the country when she and Al met and then moved on to marriage. Candidly, there at the airport, it was hard for me even to pretend to care about Al, whom I hadn't seen for more than two years. All I could think about was fucking Faye!

Faye felt just the same, and just like me, this was an instantaneous thing. I think my plane got in at a little before noon. By 2:30 or so, I was inside Faye's pants, sucking her off and getting my big prick into her tight, velvet cunt. Where was Al? He went to work. "Some things I have to take care of at the office," he said.

My earlier installments have told the story. Al's workaholic ways continued, and Faye and I went rolling into that bliss on a regular basis. Meantime, my own wife signed up for a PhD in Chinese Literature, and that gave Faye and me multiple opportunities to consummate our mutual desires and to try to satisfy our insatiable appetites.

It just got better and better, too. It would be almost impossible to convey how we both lived for our sex. We'd do it everywhere, getting bolder and bolder. I'd fuck Faye in the late afternoons, in her own home, right in the bed she shared with Al, and then I would literally slip out a side door and use a trail along the creek that ran through their property to retrieve my car, which was parked on another street about two blocks away, as Al came in from the garage. I'd leave Faye's pussy oozing with my load. What about Al (and Ruth)? They never knew.

At least, I think that's right. Neither Al nor Ruth ever said anything. They never did anything to indicate the slightest suspicion. And wasn't that suspicious in itself? Faye and I were so far gone, we never even thought of the possibility that our affair had been uncovered. And it never was, either! At least, not in the sense that either of us was ever accused of anything. Ruth said nothing. Al said nothing. Neither of them gave even a hint that they might have thought that I was fucking Faye.

How does that saying go? I think it's something like, "If they never say so then they really don't know." Maybe that's not it, at least not exactly, but it's something like that. Faye and I fucked. Ruth and Al ducked. That's how it seemed to me. Any hint that I was fucking Faye went way over their heads.

As I have told you, Faye and Al first got together after Ruth and I were already out of the country, during the two years or so that I was assigned to my company's Hong Kong office. I literally knew almost nothing about Faye until she and Al showed up at the airport. But Al, Ruth, and I were friends in college. In fact, we were pretty close. Al had various girlfriends, but they somehow never stuck. Ruth and I, though, bonded during our Sophomore year, and we became inseparable. That's what college boyfriends and girlfriends sometimes do. And since Al was my best friend, from way back in high school, Al got included into a lot of our activities. Not the fucking part, though!

I haven't said much about Ruth. Since I have been fucking Faye, it has been hard for me to be enthusiastic about Ruth, but Faye was right when she said that Ruth was attractive. I lusted after Ruth in college. I couldn't wait to fuck her - though Ruth definitely made me wait. But Ruth just didn't turn my prick to stone, the way Faye did. And Ruth never did that, not even when we finally began fucking during our senior year in college.

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