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Kelly on vacation (fm:exhibitionism, 559 words)

Author: Anonymous
Added: Apr 03 2018Views / Reads: 1384 / 1 [0%]Story vote: 8.46 (13 votes)
Kelly has her first public nude experience

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My wife and I finally went on our first all-inclusive after 20 years of marriage, I convinced Kelly to go to Hedonism, telling her she could go topless, but she didn't have to, I told her there was no pressure, she knows I enjoy seeing topless women like any man and she was okay with that. My wife is petite with nice big firm tits and ass, and a perfectly shaved pussy. She said she might try it if things feel right but no guarantee. So anyway fast forward to the trip, we landed in Negril then took the bus to the resort. As we arrived she was taken with the number of hot couples, many black, I have never seen her unwind like this, it was like she was a different person for a time. I never watched her packing our clothes back home, but when we arrived she had bikinis I have never seen before, she explained that she wanted to let loose where she couldn't act like this back home. After we settled in the room we were anxious to hit the beach, so we got ready and hit the first beach bar we found. Kelly was wearing her crochet bikini with a white coverup for security. Well, the drinks went fast that first afternoon, and the coverup came off right away. I was so turned on by my hot wife showing her body with so little coverage. She was really loosened up and having a great time when a group of 4 college aged guys were partying next to us. As I watched Kelly, flirt with them, I felt jealous and exited at the same time, I have never seen my wife flirt with black men. She leaned over to me and asked if I would mind if she took a picture with them. My excitement grew as thing progressed. Kelly walked over to the boys and grabbed a camera from them and handed it to me, I then told them she wanted me to take a picture of them together . She put her arms up around their shoulders and I took the first shot, I then took 2 more then told them to remove her bra, she gave me this look as the boys held her arms over her head and they pulled it off. I took a few more pics as she stood there, topless in front of a group of onlookers, as the boys asked me if they could suckle her, I said sure, go for it, and their mouths were all over her oiled , tanned tits. I have never seen Kelly like this, she cooed as their mouths pulled on her swollen nipples, with their hands all over her half nude body. As I kept snapping pics they pulled her panties off, as one of them began fingering her pussy. Her knees buckled as she begged them not to stop. I was now taking pictures of my nude wife being molested by a group of young black men. She finally came while on all fours. When she got up, completely nude, with a crowd snapping pictures, she nervously grabbed her robe and ran back to the room. She stayed there for the rest of the trip, not believing what she had done. She still refuses to talk about it.

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Northern Flicker writes Wed 11 Apr 2018 15:00:

Good potential for a follow up story, perhaps the next trip. You write well. A little more detail to make it a little longer.


NoEffort writes Wed 4 Apr 2018 18:12:

Great story to expand on. Thanks for sharing.


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