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Sleeping with a slut wife. (fm:slut wife, 2293 words)

Author: shortnsweet Picture in profile
Added: Apr 03 2018Views / Reads: 2524 / 2139 [85%]Story vote: 8.94 (36 votes)
A husband finally realises his wife is a cheating slut and engineers a method to punish her for her indiscretions.

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I heard the cab turn into our cul-de-sac and its headlights lit up the darkened room when it pulled into the drive.

I listened to Wendy struggle to get her key into the door but I remained frozen in my chair, the incriminating photos laid out on the coffee table before me.

She finally got the door open and I heard her sliding along the hall, obviously using the walls to help her keep steady along its narrow confines.

I reached across to switch on the floor lamp just as she passed the open door and her cry of shock at the sight of me sitting in the lounge was the one small pleasure I'd had in what had been a very long night.

"Steve!" she stammered as shock turned her face red, "What are you..."

"Working late again?" I interrupted quietly, striving to sound calm and in control.

"Yes, I had to..." , she began before looking down at her skin tight cocktail dress and heels.

"Actually", she began again, "I had to..."

"You look beautiful", I acknowledged as I nodded towards the stack of photographs on the table, "These pics don't do you justice."

Wendy's legs seemed to turn to jelly as she realised the top photograph showed her kissing her boss on the dance floor of a nightclub somewhere and if I hadn't already been moving towards her I wouldn't have been able to prevent her hitting the floor.

"Steve, I..." she gasped breathlessly as she stared in horror at the A4 sized print.

"Steve, I...how did...I didn't..." she mumbled breathlessly as I continued to hold her up, my hands grasping her upper arms.

"How long?" I asked quietly.

"Steve, it isn't like..." she began as she screwed up her eyes an instant after tears began to course down her cheeks.

"How long?" I asked again and couldn't resist giving her a gentle shake to help focus her thoughts.

"Not long...tonight...was first..." she began but stopped as she watched me shake my head slowly.

"You might need to check out the date stamp on some of the other photos", I whispered close to her ear, "Before you decide which story to tell."

"How did you get those...?" Wendy whimpered quietly, "Where did...?"

I placed my mouth roughly upon hers and tried to kiss her, tasting a night's worth of margaritas and cigarette smoke before she wrenched her face away from mine.

"Don't", she pleaded tearfully, " I need you to listen carefully to me."

Shock was sobering her up quickly but she was still slurring her words slightly and she was trembling from either shock or fear.

"Steve I..." she started again but I placed two fingers in my mouth and gave a low whistle.

Wendy's eyes bulged from her face and she sagged against me as the kitchen door opened and one of my close mates walked shyly into the room.

"What...Steve...what is he...?" she stammered as Paul walked behind her and pulled her towards him in a tight bear hug.

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