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Bare It All with Katie Nolando (fm:interracial, 2961 words)

Author: Geminine Picture in profile
Added: Apr 03 2018Views / Reads: 1777 / 1444 [81%]Story vote: 9.56 (18 votes)
Katie Nolando, an aspiring sports personality, gets her big break when Basketball all star agrees to an interview.

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"This is our first episode, so don't fuck it up." Katie paced the lobby floor while biting on her nails. "Just keep the camera rolling. We're gonna drill him about his college payouts, his gambling, his extramarital affairs. Ugh! I'm gonna ask the questions everyone else is afraid to."

While holding the camera, her fiancé heightened a brow. "Shouldn't we leave his personal life out of it? We should prolly just keep it to sports—"

"Ben! This is ‘Bare It All." Katie stopped, glared at him. "Don't get cold feet now. This is how we get off Youtube and get a network deal, being fearless, tough."

The lobby door opened. A swarthy butler, dressed in a tuxedo, stepped out. In a British accent, he said, "Devos will see you now."

Katie spun around to the butler with a forced smile. As he led the couple inside, she sternly looked back to Ben, nodded; a serious gesture of her seriousness.

The butler walked to the side of the door and lifted his arm, presenting them the grand room. Three sectional sofas were in the center, in front of a giant TV. A fish tank, with exotic colorful fish, set against the far wall. The walls painted yellow with purple trim in Devos' team colors—Louisiana Swamp-dragons.

Katie could feel the burn of vomit rise in her throat when seeing the colors of her hated rival. She swallowed it down, scowled.

"Well, hello," a voice said.

Katie's face softened. She looked to the middle sofa, where a tall basketball player sat. She approached him, extended her hand for a shake. "Devos, it's been awhile. Thanks for allowing us this opportunity."

"Of course." Devos stood, shook her hand. His large paw swallowed hers. He was a 6'6, strong jawed athlete that towered over Katie and Ben. "I'm always down to help an acquaintance from high-school, help you get hits on your Youtube channel."

"Its subscribers and likes I need." Katie gestured to her fiancé. "This is Ben, my camera—fiancé."

"Your camera fiancé?" Devos joked. He glanced to Ben, greeted him with a firm handshake as well. "Nice to meet you."

"Likewise." Ben appeared star struck by the huge GFBA all star.

Devos turned back to Katie. "I see you finally shook off ole boy."

"Bradley?" Katie asked.

"Who's Bradley?" Ben asked.

"High-school sweetheart," Katie said to Ben before looking back to Devos. "Yeah. His shit got old years ago."

"I feels ya," Devos replied, followed by an awkward silence. "Sooo... um, I'm really digging the concept of your show—"

"Yeah. I think it's important to get down and dirty with the questions. It'll be—"

"...my triple-double not being legitimate because refs obvious favoritism to me." Devos showed a sly smile.

Katie folded her arms, taking an abrasive stance. Her tone changed. "Well, yeah, and how—"

"...the league cheats for me because I'm a marketable star."

Katie just glared through Devos.

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Jo Jo writes Wed 4 Apr 2018 08:18:

Love it

Joanne xxxxx


Seabee writes Tue 3 Apr 2018 22:15:

wow what AN INTERVIEW I wish it was me wow I got so wet your so lucky


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